Dive Cruise Indonesia, Luxury Sailing On Board Around Bandas

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Dive cruise Indonesia is widely taken as a solution to enjoy the greatest marine biodiversity that you can find in Indonesia. Liveaboard Indonesia is the best way to see the country. This vast country is home to several islands and is a hotspot for marine biodiversity. You will find the most diverse destinations that differ from one another like nowhere else in the globe within this one country. With over 3,000 distinct fish species, new ones are always being discovered, so if your life’s ambition is to discover something new, Indonesia is the place to go.

Dive cruise Indonesia, Visiting Togean “Paradise” Island

Dive cruise Indonesia, Visiting Togean “Paradise” Island
Image Resource: Pamitrantours

The Togean Islands are one of Indonesia’s lesser-known islands. Togean Island is the best-kept secret island away from the crowds.

One could argue that this is fine because there isn’t much to do here. Some people, including me, prefer a solitary quiet area to recharge our batteries. As a result, this island is not ideal for everyone; it all depends on your preferences.

If you’re seeking a wonderful tropical island to relax on, perhaps with a little adventure thrown in, the Togean Islands are the ideal paradise — a destination that will never let you down.

Liveaboard Indonesia, Exploring Belgica Fort

The fort was erected by the Portuguese in the 16th century and is located on Tabaleku Hill in Southeast Naira, Neira Island, Maluku. The Dutch rebuilt this fort on September 4, 1611, and named it Fort Belgica, which means Fort Belgica in Indonesian.

Liveaboard Indonesia, Exploring Belgica Mountain

Tourists must first climb a long flight of stairs to reach this fort. What makes this fort even more unique is that it is featured as the main character on the Rp.1,000 note in the Cut Meutia edition.

Mount Banda Api

Mount Banda Api is both a volcano and an island in the Banda Sea. The Banda Sea is home to the Banda Volcano Island. The eruption of the Banda Volcano resulted in the fastest growth of coral reefs anywhere on the planet. Coral reefs in Banda Besar Island grow in less than ten years, although in other places, growth can take decades. Banda Api Island is home to a number of bird species in addition to having a lovely view. In terms of the existence of numerous varieties of birds, this archipelago is one of the Indonesian regions with the highest level of animal endemicity.

Lava Flow

Lava Flow occurs when a volcano erupts, causing the surrounding waterways to be coated in lava. However, submerged vegetation thrives as a result of the eruption.

Tourists visiting Lava Flow must use an outboard boat or a ketinting boat (a boat with an attached engine). The voyage takes only 30 minutes from Neira Island.

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