Pack Your Travel First-Aid Kit The Right Way

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It is important to have your first-aid kit ready wherever you are such as at home, office, and even during travel. You don’t know when you will get injured, or when someone get injured and needs your help. Also, a trip is unpredictable most of the time regardless how well-versed you are with your preparation and plan. When you are on a trip, there is always chance for you to hurt or involve in an accident. And that’s why it is important to have first-aid kit in your travel essential list. 

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Tips for packing your travel first-aid kit

One of the problems of travelers bringing their first-aid kit is that they pack too many necessary things they won’t even need. Or, they pack less items they need that when something bad happen to them, their first-aid kit doesn’t help at all. Hence, it is important to know what to pack into your travel first-aid kit especially because you have limited space.  

Buy from a drug store

Instead of taking first-aid kit you have at home, you probably have to get a new one especially if you have people living in your home anyway. They will need it as well. Hence, you can just go to the nearest drug store and ask for first-aid kit in small container. Usually, they are in school supply section but if you are unsure then you can just ask the staff directly. You can also order it online if you don’t fee like going out your home at the moment. Order the small tackle box so that it will fit into your luggage. 

Packing your medication properly

If you have prescribed medication make sure to pack them as well. You can separate them from your first-aid kit container or keep them inside. If you think you only need specific dose without taking the entire bottle of your medications, be careful in doing so because you might not be able to differentiate the pills unless you are already sure about it. If you are unsure but don’t want to take too many bottles, label your medication in a smaller container. If it is too complicated, just separate them from your first-aid kit and pack it into your carry-on bag. 

Pack some OTC medications

Even if you don’t have particular medications, you might need some OTC (over the counter) medications that you are going to need such as pain reliever, motion sickness pills, cold pills, etc. Those are common health problems travelers experience and you can actually find those medication anywhere. However, it is best to have them ready in your first-aid kit so you don’t have to wander around searching for them when needed. 

Pack the essentials

The essentials in travel first-aid kits include bandages. Make sure to pack different size of them to help protect from blisters. Pack natural balm to relieve symptoms such as dry skin, insect bites, rashes, scrapes, scratches, sunburn, poison ivy, blisters, or chafing. Also pack hand sanitizer, small tissue pack, sunscreen, and lip balm.