Recommended Travel Books To Read Before Having Your Own Adventure

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Travelling the world is not a bad idea. In fact, it can be a life-changing opportunity for you to explore the world and find many beautiful things. It may be daunting but definitely worth it. You can also alleviate some of your fears of travelling by having more references and knowledge about travel and adventure. It can also help increase your curiosity, making you get excited to have your own adventure. And travel books can be good references you choose before exploring the world your own way. 

By reading travel books, you will have a better grip of what to expect since there is an abundance of information you get. And here are several travel books recommended to read before you take off to your travel destination:

How To Live A Live of Travel by Derek Earl Baron (Wondering Earl)

This book contains a bunch of information about how to turn light travels into a lifestyle of exploring, adventuring, and learning. This book may not be suitable for casual travelers but it is very interesting to read. Through this book, you get information about how to make end meets during a trip, how to eat more frugally, or how to sleep next to nothing all around the world. This book offers various solutions of how to overcome many challenges during travel. 

Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

In this book, the author talks about how important it is to take time off from your normal life and travel around the world. This book shows how everyone deserves a great adventure. This book can be an ultimate guide for budget travelers too to fully enjoy the trip without wasting too much money. This book can help you decide where to go, and how to get work while on the road. 

This Book Is About Travel with the Author Andrew Hyde

This book contains a modern manual 15 countries with 15 things. So, it is clear that this book is not just a book. It is a manual you can use as your guide to have a more enjoyable trip various mentioned countries that the author had visited in two years-long journey. The most interesting part is that, the author travel to 15 countries with only a backpack containing 15 items. It shows that travel is possible even with minimum logistic to support you. This book contains many fun and informative stories about backpacking around the world. 

Off Track Planet’s Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy, And Broke by Two Author Travelers Freddie Pikovsky and Anna Starostinetskaya

Just like the title, this book aims to inspire young adventurers to have the best travel experience around the world. The authors share 100 different and exciting destinations to explore. There are so many recommendations of best places to visit, best spots to party, and best locations to eat. This book has a little bit of everything you need to have the best kind of travel ever in your life without excessive spending.