Keeping Your Home Safe While Away For Travelling

When it comes to travelling, the ultimate thing that becomes the main concern is your safety. However, it is also important to keep your home safe especially while you are away for travelling. Even if it is just for few days, things can go wrong when you return. One of the most concerning issues is […]

4D3N Labuan Bajo Trip And Sailing Komodo

The Indonesian government’s decision in 2020 to close Komodo island tourism has disappointed many parties, especially tourists. But don’t worry, you can start your Labuan Bajo trip and its surroundings, which is an icon of East Nusa Tenggara tourism. Exotic natural beauty makes it not enough for tourists to visit Labuan Bajo once. What to […]

How To Focus on Making The Most Of Your Solo Travel

Travelling alone is not everyone’s cup of team. Many think that travel will be much more fun when you do it with companies be it family, friends, or partner. While it is true to some degree, solo travel can be fun too. Solo travel is not as miserable as many people imagine to be. Yes, […]

Padar Island, Exciting Holidays with a Luxury Liveaboard

Padar island is part of the Komodo National Park area which is not inhabited by Komodo. The scenery of this Island is no less breathtaking than any other island. The excitement of traveling around enjoying the beauty of Padar, Labuan Bajo, and its surroundings can be enjoyed by sailing across the ocean using a luxury […]

The Recipe To Be A Good Traveler

It is important to be a good traveler because it affect not only you but also the place you visit, as well as the people you meet during. Keep in mind that being a good traveler doesn’t mean you have to stay quiet when treated poorly by the person you don’t know. Standing up for […]

A Selection of The Finest Modern Stylish Villa Sanur Bali

When it comes to choosing a perfect place to stay for you and the kids, there’s no other better location than Sanur. Sanur offers a taste of peaceful village life that lets you feel safe while exploring the interesting spots, yet still fun and memorable enough to keep the kiddos entertained. This village has numerous […]

How to Eat Cheap During Your Travel

Budget travel may restrict you a little more because you cannot just indulge in everything you find interesting to buy. Budget travel requires you to make thorough plan in which you pay for accommodation, foods, transport, etc. One of the biggest expense during travel is food. However, you cannot just stop eating during your travel. […]

Life of The Asmat Tribe in Papua

Indonesia has a diversity of different ethnic groups from other regions. This makes Indonesia a wealthy country with culture and tradition. One of the areas with many tribes in West Papua. You must have heard the name of Asmat. Asmat is one of the largest tribes in Papua. The Asmat Tribe is infamous for being […]

Mindful Travel to Open Unexpected Experiences

Lots of people coming back from travel feeling even more exhausted than ever. They feel like there is nothing they gained from the trip even after they splurged on their money a lot. The cause can vary from each individual. However, it is possible that if you also have experienced it, it means you didn’t […]

Discover the Best Beaches in Misool Papua to Practice Yoga

Misool is a remote tropical hideaway located in the southernmost one of Raja Ampat’s main islands. White sand beaches, marine biodiversity, beautiful coral reefs, and a richly diverse ecosystem are all ingredients that make up this tropical paradise. If you love outdoor activities, fun, and adventure, then a trip to Misool Papua is a must. […]