Beginner-friendly Snorkeling Spots Indonesia

Diving and enjoying the underwater scenery can not only be enjoyed by diving lovers. For those of you who want to enjoy the underwater scenery without diving, snorkeling is the answer. Determining the snorkeling spot in Indonesia for beginners needs as many references as possible. Indonesia is an archipelago and it is not difficult to […]

What Exactly Is Sustainability Architecture?

Sustainable architecture is a broad term that refers to structures that are designed to reduce humanity’s environmental impact. An environmentally friendly approach to modern building encompasses all aspects of the planning and construction processes. The process of construction includes the choice of material, design, implementation of heating, cooling, plumbing, and many more. The story of […]

What Travel Trends Will Look Like In The Future

In the past two years, there have been major shift in travel industry. So many things happened and caused huge changes in how people see travel today. Travelling today is not only about taking leisure vacation. The essence of travel today is more varied depending on the individual. Today, travel can be about visiting families […]

Why do You Need An Architect or Home Builder Bali?

Have you outgrown your kitchen table for your home business? Many future homeowners will spend long hours looking over home designs, interior layouts, and other features of the dream home that they want to build when preparing to build a new home. Bali is always experiencing developments in the property sector, whether building hotels, resorts, […]

Self-Practices To Improve Your Skills At Travel Photography

You may have seen some of travel pictures posted by people on their Instagram. Some of them are outstanding and some others may look so-so. Also, not all those outstanding pictures were taken by professional photographers. Is it possible for you to take Instagram-worthy or album-worthy travel pictures? The answer to that is yes, it […]

4 Things you should look for in a family resort in Bali

When traveling to Bali with kids, maybe you already considered family resort as an option to stay at. But to make sure you have a great time for your vacation, make sure the family resort you choose have these 4 things we listed below. We guarantee it would make your vacation in Bali better for […]