Raja Ampat Luxury Cruise, World-Class Hospitality

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Want to enjoy a different vacation with an extraordinary atmosphere and experience to Raja Ampat? The experience of living on a luxury ship can make you feel at home for a long time to continue on vacation. All of Raja Ampat’s nature is beautiful and beautiful, especially the underwater world, so it’s best for diving and snorkeling. Raja Ampat luxury cruise is one way to enjoy a luxurious and memorable vacation.

A luxury cruise to Raja Ampat is world-class hospitality with all luxurious and complete facilities. Have you ever imagined enjoying a Jacuzzi while on a boat? There are dozens of Raja Ampat liveaboards out there and they offer a wide variety of rules, prices, routes, and activities. Some Raja Ampat tours with cheap and affordable cruises, like a backpacker-style vacation. There is also a Raja Ampat luxury cruise vacation package that offers a spa, massage service, jacuzzi, and luxurious cabins.

Raja Ampat Luxury Cruise Private Charter

Raja Ampat Luxury Cruise

Private charters are perfect for family vacations. Your holiday atmosphere will not be disturbed by the presence of other guests. You and your family can enjoy all the facilities of the Raja Ampat luxury cruise as a whole. The sundeck is available for you and your family to enjoy sunrise and sunset from the boat. Some cruises offer outdoor and indoor dining, and you are free to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with spectacular views.

Raja Ampat Diving Liveaboard

Raja Ampat’s diving spots are known for their strong undercurrents. You must be certified advanced or master to do the dives. Do not try to dive if you are not certified and experienced because it will endanger safety. Make sure you are accompanied by a professional diver.

The underwater beauty of Raja Ampat is incomparable. Starting from Blue Magic, Tanjung Kri, Dampier Strait, to Cross Wreck to see a Japanese shipwreck from World War II.

For beginner divers, you can dive at Friwen Wall, Mioskon, and Batu Lima. Friwen Wall is shallow water and highly recommended for beginner divers, with calm sea conditions. You can still see the world’s 70 species of fish, and the iconic wheel shark, as well as the famous coral reefs and white sand beaches.

Miskon is on the north side of the Dampier Strait and is known for its very calm waters. The depth is no more than 25 meters and is perfect for beginner divers. Batu Lima is an uninhabited island and has become a beginner diver’s destination. The bottom only reaches 10 meters and you can see purple corals, black whip corals, and blackfin sharks.