4 Things you should look for in a family resort in Bali

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family resort
source : www.ihg.com

When traveling to Bali with kids, maybe you already considered family resort as an option to stay at. But to make sure you have a great time for your vacation, make sure the family resort you choose have these 4 things we listed below. We guarantee it would make your vacation in Bali better for the whole family

Spacious room for kids

It would be great for your family if the whole family stay in the same room, so make sure the room you book is big enough to accommodate the whole family. A connecting room is fine, but a designated room for children would be the best. Usually they have a section of the room that’s specially made for children to enjoy.

Leisure activity option

Make sure the resorts of your choice have plenty of leisure activities ready for your family to enjoy in your vacation. Either have bicycles available for you to roam around the resort area or a kids pool for the family to enjoy, or a game area for the family to have fun together. it would be great if the resort have an activity that’s suit your family lifestyle, it would be a great deal regardless. Another plus is the resorts is next to a beach, you can enjoy the beach without having to travel to another place

Kids club for the kids 

A kids club would provide a great activity for the kids to play and socialize with the other kids that also stay in the resorts. They could bond and do fun activities together in the resorts and learn new things while having fun. Usually kids club is a parent free zone, they already have a supervisor that would take care of the kids and accompany them to make sure they have a great time. Parents can surely relax and have their own private time without having to worry about their kids.

Make sure the Family resort is near other Bali hotspot

Location is important if you want to take a vacation in Bali. Because there are many travel destinations sIf you want to spend your vacation in Bali, you must consider the location. Bali island is home to a plethora of tourist attractions It is preferable if you carefully consider where you will stay. So make sure the family resort location is appropriate for the trip you’ve already planned. Don’t waste time on the road going from one location to another and not having enough energy to enjoy each destination because you’re tired. So, for example, family resorts in Nusa Dua would be a great place to stay. Because you can enjoy water sports at Tanjung Benoa, which is only a 5 minute drive away. Meanwhile, and you are also close to other hotspots in Bali like Sanur, Kuta, and Jimbaran which is a 20 minute drive.

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