Medications You Should Take For Your Trip Abroad

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Light packing is very recommended for when you plan to travel, especially to different countries. By packing light, you have lighter luggage to carry around, making your steps a bit lighter. In addition, you won’t be charged with additional fee for having your luggage’s weight exceeding the limit. However, there are things that you cannot just leave behind regardless how heavy or light your bag is. They are over-the-counter medications. There is possibility for you to experience illness during your trip abroad. Hence, being prepared by taking necessary medications with you can be such a life saver. 

Medications You Should Take For Your Trip Abroad

What medication should you take for travelling abroad?

Over-the-counter medications are not difficult to find. However, going abroad means you don’t really know about the places you are visiting. You might not be sure about the locations or the availability of drug stores. Hence, it is better to bring your own over-the-counter medications you are used to to make the unexpected situation easier to deal with. 

Mild pain reliever

It is common to suffer from sore or pain after dragging your luggage throughout your trip. You might end up feeling sore all over your body once you arrive at your hotel room. Hence, it is highly recommended to bring mild pain reliever medications to come in handy. They help with swelling, inflammation and pain. 


New environments may expose and trigger your body to something new, making it reacted badly. Hence, it is always safe to bring some antihistamine medications with you for your travel abroad. However, make sure to be mindful when taking antihistamine because it has side effect such as drowsiness. 

Antidiarrheal medications 

It is also pretty common for travelers to suffer from mild diarrhea during a visit to different countries. It can be because you digest bacteria from the foods or drinks you take during your visit. Hence, take antidiarrheal medications to deal with this situation. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water and take a good rest. 

Mild laxative 

Vacation constipation is a term many travelers use when they suffer from constipation when they visit new places. Constipation might look harmless but it can cause many discomforts that hold you from having good travel experience. Hence, always bring mild laxative medications with you just in case you experience vacation constipation. Also, don’t forget to eat foods containing high fiber, drink plenty of water, and eat lot of foods and vegetables. 

Sleep aid

Insomnia is pretty common to happen to travelers especially when travelling abroad mostly due to jet lag. Different time zones can create chaos to your circadian rhythm, making you unable to fall asleep at night. Therefore, it always comes in handy to have sleep aid such as Melatonin. It is supplement of a hormone your body naturally make. It is considered safe because it is not habit-forming.  It sends dark signal to your brain so your body know it is time to sleep. You can take it few days in a row if you experience sleep difficulty.