Building A Beach Villa in Bali for Rental: Features to Considers

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Building A Beach Villa in Bali for Rental Features to Considers

We all can agree that beach house can be a great, secluded oasis where holiday-makers escape from routines. Having a beach villa in Bali is great—especially if you have rental business in mind. However, building a house by the beach come with certain conditions that you need to think of. The guests behaviors, the sand, and the climate needs to be taken into account. So, here’s some considerations to think as you build your dream beach villa in this tropical paradise.

Build An Open-Floor Plan Beach Villa in Bali

Build An Open-Floor Plan Beach Villa in Bali

The open floor plan is one of the most popular concepts for many villas in Bali, and that’s not without reason. Why limit your area with too many walls when vacation houses are all about freedom and entertainment? An open floor plan helps you to make the most of your space while keeping it light and airy. It’s all about the sun and sand when you live on the beach. The open floor plan also allows better airflow to let natural breeze come in, which is very much-needed in Bali’s warm climate. With an open floor plan, you can allow natural light penetrate every nook and cranny of your home, preventing mold and mildew from forming due to moisture and humidity in the air.

Lean Towards Timeless Beach House Designs

Some property owners choose to go bold, build and decorate their beach house with bright pop-culture or eccentric designs. While this might be attractive for the time being, a bold trend usually doesn’t last for long. If you want to build your beach villa in Bali with rental maximisation in mind, consider a timeless design. Building a beach house may provide a great return on investment as well as constant access to a wonderful holiday destination. When you’re not there, it might be a steady source of money since people can’t get enough of the beach and the sea. As a result, while designing your holiday house, always go for traditional architecture and a timeless style.

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Keep the House Updated with Recent Trend

Nobody wants to feel like they’ve walked into an old building that feels like it’s stuck in time. Vacationers want the same conveniences and services that they do at home. A spacious, light room that can comfortably accommodate friends or family. Know what’s the newest holiday trends that people want in their vacation home.

Keep the House Updated with Recent Trend

The furniture should be spotless and elegant. That doesn’t mean that you cannot reuse or recycle old furniture from secondhand stores. Sometimes, using a mix-matched secondhand furniture have its own charm—as long as they don’t appear battered up.

Have Some Rooms with Bunk Beds

While king-size beds are highly desirable in vacation rental, bunk rooms can sleep more in just same space. With many families renting and children bringing friends on vacation, a bunk room for the youngsters is both entertaining and a convenient solution to accommodate more people.

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Thinking About Elevator for Your Beach Villa Bali

An elevator is a necessary architectural element for a holiday house that will be used by several generations. Because the kitchen and great room are usually on the top floor to take advantage of the views, an elevator is important for bringing baggage and groceries in.

Choose Flooring Carefully

When you build a beach villa in Bali, you want to choose strong flooring materials that will stand against damage. Wide-plank vinyl, tile, and engineered hardwood are examples of long-lasting flooring that resists sand and water damage. While some sand will find its way inside the house, apply items that will prevent floor damage.