Self-Practices To Improve Your Skills At Travel Photography

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source : instagram @andrefurtado1979

You may have seen some of travel pictures posted by people on their Instagram. Some of them are outstanding and some others may look so-so. Also, not all those outstanding pictures were taken by professional photographers. Is it possible for you to take Instagram-worthy or album-worthy travel pictures? The answer to that is yes, it is very much possible for you to take gorgeous travel pictures to worth to be hung up on your walls. And practice is the key to that.

Self-practices to become excellent at travel photography

Practice is the main factor for you to become more skillful at taking beautiful, unique travel pictures. You don’t have to enroll yourself in course or photography school. You can practice by yourself with the camera you have. Go out and take as many pictures as possible. And even if you are on quarantine, you can still practice your skill at home. Here are some useful tips for better travel photography skills:

Don’t hesitate to experiment

You are not going to be judged by taking some inadequate pictures because you are practicing by yourself. Hence, do not be afraid to experiment with how you take pictures at home. Take pictures of your family members in various shots and angles. Even though you are not taking travel photos, the experiment you are doing will eventually improve your skill at creating more diverse shots. Regardless of what you are going to capture later when you travel, you still need the fundamentals to make you a better photographer. 

Get the most out of your camera

If you plan on buying new camera to practice your skill, make sure to do a research in advance so you know what type of camera that suits you. And once you get your camera, get to know it better. Take a deep dive into a manual and figure out how to get the most out of all the settings and buttons on your camera. Practice shooting in different modes so you can see the difference of each. Evaluate your travel photography gear and learn more about new technologies as well as tools for specific scenarios such as taking photos underwater, taking photos with tripod, taking photos of moving objects, etc.

Back to the basics

There are basics at photography such as lighting, depth of field, composition, framing, etc. Practice these main basics with any camera you have even if it is your smartphone. If you are not the camera-type-of-guy, might as well practice using your camera phone from now so later you will be able to snap stunning pictures even if you don’t have camera with you. 

Experiment with different perspectives and lighting

You can capture more unique images with different perspectives and lighting. Hence, do not hesitate to experiment with those two aspects. Try taking pictures at different time of the day to see how different lighting works. Take some photos from different angles to get different perspective and see if the pictures turn out good or bad.