Best Things to Do in Raja Ampat Tour

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Raja Ampat is located on the northwestern tip of the Bird’s Head Peninsula in West Papua, Indonesia’s eastern region. Raja Ampat extends over 40,000 km2 and consists of 15,000 small islands with perfect white sandy beaches and deep blue water. For underwater lovers, Raja Ampat offers some of the world’s extraordinary experiences. You will find over more than 1,400 species of fish, 700 species of mollusks,13 mammal species, and all the various 75% coral species. Apart from that, the island is famous for its sea creatures and rich biodiversity, the traditional villages, and unique traditions with welcomed and open arms local people aren’t like anywhere else. One of the best things about the Raja Ampat tour is people will never get bored there. There are a lot of amazing activities to do for all ages. Here are the fun things to do in Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Tour

Diving is a must on the Raja Ampat Tour

Taking diving on Raja Ampat Tour is a must; there are numerous fantastic places like The Passage, Fam Island, Misool Island, Arborek Island, Dampier Strait, and Blue Magic. There you can see many fish, colorful coral reefs, and various marine biota. Diving is the best way to explore the beautiful underwater scenery. When you dive underwater, you will be amazed by the underwater world’s beauty. It is filled with color, life, beauty. You also can swim with marine creatures.

Shop for souvenirs

Souvenirs are a great idea to bring home .  You can find a local shop and grab some souvenirs. There are numerous authentic souvenirs such as Noken (traditional Papuan woven sling bags), accessories, and plates. The souvenirs come in various shapes and sizes or even colors, and you must bring home.

See the Wayag Archipelago in Raja Ampat Tour

Have you heard about Wayag Archipelago? Wayag is such a fantastic archipelago and the most beautiful place hidden in the outer side of Raja Ampat Regency. The islands come with raw natural beauty. The most iconic of Wayag, you can find many cone-shaped sprouting mushrooms from the sea. The combination of clear blue water, blue sky above meets green islands beneath the surface of which colorful fish swim through beautiful coral reefs truly a complete and perfect destination.

Visit the Arborek Island

Wander the village is a good idea for a more authentic experience on Raja Ampat. Arborek Island is tiny and pretty and only has 40 families living there. You can see traditional houses, rickety jetties, and often the cutest kids playing with music and dancing and splashing in the water that are wonderful at Arborek Island. Most village women built a souvenir industry to make traditional Papuan woven sling bags, woven baskets, and colorful manta ray shaped hats for a living.

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Hike Piaynemo

Piaynemo is one of the most memorable and photographed places in Raja Ampat. There, you need to climb up the long flights of stairs to a vantage point, and you will be presented with the beauty of the landscape below you. You can spend time here admiring the view with different shades of blue, green, and a stunning view of the karst island cluster.