K-Drama Filming Locations To Be Your Bucket Lists

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K-drama or Korean drama has drawn attention from many people around the world. The plot, the beautiful actors and actress, as well as the in-depth culture of Korea are only few factors that make K-drama so interesting to watch. Not to mention that K-Drama usually consists of different genre in just few episodes. Hence, we can enjoy more dramas with different actors and different stories. When watching K-drama, one thing that catches attention is the filming location. Many captivating places are shown that make us wish to pay a visit. 

Alluring destinations from K-drama filming locations in Asia

In K-drama, the filming locations are not only taken place in South Korea but also overseas. Here are some of filming locations of K-drama in Asia that you can consider to be your bucket lists:

Full House is a very popular drama from 2004 starring Song Hye-Kyo and Bi Rain. Those are the biggest name in the entertainment industry of Korea. This comedy romantic drama focuses on the pair in finding their love trough contract marriage. In the plot of the story, there are plots where the female actress went on vacation. Many places were shown such as Shanghai and Phuket. Those two destinations are located in China and Thailand. 

The Fugitive: Plan B is a drama from 2010 starring Rain and lee Na-Young. This drama has many funny scenes to make you laugh. However, it also contains a series of investigation of murder case. Travel destinations shown in this drama include Macau and The Philippines. You can see a scene shot in St.Paul, Ruins of St.Paul, and Senado Square in Macau. There is also brief scene shown in Fortune Island, Philippines. Watching this drama will make you feel like experiencing a virtual tour. 

Spy Myung Wol is a drama from 2011 starring Han Ye-Seul as a North Korean spy and Eric Mun. This drama was such a hit. The story is also interesting that it contains thriller, classic action, and comedy. In the first episode, the location setting shown to be in Singapore, precisely at the Orchard Road. You can also see a glimpse of the infamous Marina Bay Sand, a luxurious place to stay in Singapore. 

It’s Okay That’s Love is a drama from 2014 starring Gong Hyo-Jin and Jo In-Sung. This is a very interesting drama shows a lot about mental health. You will see how the characters grow throughout the episode. There are also some episodes where the character taking a vacation to Okinawa, Japan. Various spots were shown such as Kouri Bridge and Manzamo Bay. 

The Forest is recent drama from 2020 starring Park Hae-Jin who plays the role as a successful investment company director. Jo Bo-Ah, a talented surgeon is his love interest in the drama. The plot involve mysterious forest. There are various travel destinations shown in the drama such as Okada Manila, SM Mall of Asia’s By the Bay Amusement Park, and Intramuros. They are located in the Philippines.