Asmat Papua, a World-Class Tourist Destination

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The Asmat Papua tribe is actually divided into two parts, namely the tribe who lives on the coast and the Asmat tribe who lives in the mountains. The pattern of life, way of thinking, social structure, and daily life of the two tribes are very different. The Asmat tribe is very famous for its traditions and arts. They are known as reliable carvers and have been recognized internationally.

Asmat Papua, a world class tourist destination | Hello Papua

Asmat Papua, Raja Ampat, An Unspoiled Paradise

Lack of transportation to reach Asmat is one of the reasons Asmat tourism is not being touched. In fact, Asmat Papua offers an amazing, unspoiled, and unspoiled destination. Cruise is one that is currently popular and can explore the beauty of Asmat Papua. Several phinisi ships with luxurious facilities and security guarantees during cruising provide a breath of fresh air for those who want to discover hidden paradise in the natural world of Papua.

The phinisi ship will take you to explore Papua’s nature and discover a new world under the spectacular sea. As it is well known, Raja Ampat has gone global and is one of the favorite destinations for professional divers. Papua cruise is one of the best ways to get to know the Asmat tribe more closely. Some of the most spectacular places you should enjoy in Asmat:

  • Lorentz National Park
  • Swamp Tray
  • Bokap Beach
  • Pek Beach
  • Asmat Cultural Festival (October)

Asmat is a destination designed as a world-class tourist destination. Infrastructure development continues to be carried out in order to develop Papua tourism. But what is currently popular is cruising. What are the standards for safe cruising ships? What are the facilities? How much time should you prepare for a cruising adventure?

Ideal Time To Do Papua Cruising?

The standard of travel offered for cruising Papua is 6-12 days. The cruising options depend on the location you are going to visit. Usually, they will take you to explore Sorong, Triton Bay, Misool, Airborek, Cape Kri, and of course visit Asmat Papua. Asmat may not be as popular as Raja Amat, but the scenery is no less interesting. Even today, the government continues to hold cultural festivals so that tourism in Papua and West Papua continues to develop. Cabin with luxurious hotel-like facilities, outdoor space to relax, and diving equipment offers you a special sea trip. 

Aliikai liveaboard journey to Asmat Papua

Papua Cruising with Aliikai Liveaboard

Aliikai boat is the one that takes you to explore Asmat Papua. The ship renovated and remodeled for 2020 in Bali marks a new era of adventure to reach all of Indonesia. You can relax in the cabin, enjoy the sunrise, sunset and a large area for sunbathing. Aliikai liveaboard offers an amazing adventure by visiting Asmat Papua, Raja Ampat, and other destinations.