How To Stay Comfortable During A Flight In Basic Economy

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For some travelers, flying in basic economy might be a nightmare. But for some others, it can be a better choice because of its perks such as low-cost. Even with all the perks, we still have to admit that basic economy is not the best to stay comfortable throughout the flight especially when you such a long-haul one. Only the essentials you get from choosing basic economy even though each airline has their own definition of what essential means. 

Tips to survive basic economy more comfortably

Try to pack light to avoid hefty surcharges as well as checked bag fees. Make sure what you pack fits the baggage and weight requirements for basic economy fares of your airline. You can also choose items that weigh less if you need to pack many items. Also, choose the right bag to put in all your items. 

It is best to check-in early because your sear is assigned at check-in. There is a big chance you can decide whether to choose window or aisle seat before others. Or, you can also ask politely to the gate agent if you can choose the seat you want from what is available. 

Prepare your own entertainment and snacks because even though the airline provide them , there is still chance you won’t get these amenities. They may limit these amenities so it’s better to be prepared yourself. Pack your favorite snacks, bottled water, and non-online non-electronic entertainments. 

Since you choose basic economy, why not splurging the money you are saving on other things that can help lift up your mood after the flight. For example, you can have a massage at the airport. Or, you can go order your favorite meals. Indulge yourself in airport lounge since it has so many perks you can enjoy. Amenities airport lounge offer include headphones, snacks, coffee, etc. 

The pros of basic economy

The price is the ultimate benefit of basic economy, no one ca argue that. Hence, travelers only get what they pay. For those who travel frequently in short flights, choosing basic economy is very valuable. It is an option with good value. However, it is not the case if you frequently have a long haul flight and choose basic economy since it takes a toll on your body. 

The cons of basic economy

Basic economy is often viewed as miserable, but cheap alternative. It is true that there is standard of main cabin in basic economy just the same as other options such as business and first class cabin. However, there are always differences between one airline to another. One of the most common problematic things many travelers complained about basic economy is the legroom. People with short height might not find it too uncomfortable with taller people may think otherwise. Another con of basic economy is its surcharges on basic amenities. If you don’t research enough, you may end up paying extra for something you need such as seat selections or some upgrades.