Keeping Your Home Safe While Away For Travelling

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When it comes to travelling, the ultimate thing that becomes the main concern is your safety. However, it is also important to keep your home safe especially while you are away for travelling. Even if it is just for few days, things can go wrong when you return. One of the most concerning issues is that empty home is the perfect target for criminals. Hence, it is a must to take key steps to keep your home safe while exploring the world. 

How to keep your home safe and sound while you are away for travelling

Before leaving, make sure everything is safe by unplugging any appliances to prevent power surges. Also, do not leave your lights on throughout the entire vacation. It will be more suspicious and your bill will end up more costly. 

Ask for a help from a friend or neighbor to keep an eye of your house and check everything such as pipes. Ask them to drop by once every day to check on your house. Give them a key so they can enter your house. If you leave your car, give them the key just in case it needs to be moved. It is important to ask help from someone you trust and not a stranger or simply acquaintance.

Prevent yourself from giving too much information on online platform especially social media. Do not let strangers know that you are going to leave your home unattended for a vacation. It is like giving out invitation for irresponsible to raid your house. Remember that posting your vacation photos can be done after you return. It is safer that way anyway. 

Also, be mindful with your voice mail. Do not leave a message stating that you are not home or on a vacation. Just let the callers know that you cannot come to the phone right now. This might be a simple thing but can make difference. When someone knowing you are away from home especially for long duration, they can take advantage of the situation. 

If you live in a small town, you may notice the police that you are going to leave the town for longer than a week or two. Hence, they may drive by your house during patrol.  If there is local neighborhood watch program in the area then you can contact them. 

Next issue is about the curtains. If you let the curtains open, then people can peer inside your house to see if you are home or not. However, closed curtains can also stop people who aim to help from seeing inside your house. The best of the two choices is to leave your curtains exactly as you usually keep them when you are home. It indicates no changes to hint that you are away.

It is best to keep your valuable belongings out of sight. Do not let them visible from the window. You can keep them in your closet or place you always use to keep valuable things such as jewelry computers, etc.