Komodo Boat, A Vessel to Reveal A Fantastic Park Adventures

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The land of Komodo dragon is not only blessed with the prehistoric giant lizard, but is also overflown with breathtaking landscape and lively marine life. Komodo has too much to offer and there’s no way you can taste it all in one single day. Obviously, the right way to do a proper adventure in Komodo is by taking a sailing trip in a Komodo boat. Picture the wooden phinisi boat that match perfectly with the Jurassic-esque scene, gleaming azure water dropping in the background, and the majestic encounters with outlandish beasts, both on land or beneath the waves.

Komodo Boat, A Vessel to Reveal A Fantastic Park Adventures

If you are a sucker for exploration, this sailing trip could feel much like an expedition to eccentric wildlife than a leisure holiday. The exotic landscape is not only here for a pleasing show. It’s a safeguard for many exotic and rare creatures that will probably vanished should they are exposed to modern civilisations.  Here is a glimpse of wild wonderland that has long been hidden in Indonesian frontier.

A fantastic park to launch uncanny adventures

Komodo is surely the place to experience a real life experience of Jurassic Park mixed with a little touch of Fantastic Beast and How to Find Them. No kidding. These jagged and grotesque savannah islands seems like the land that slipped before time. And between the wild outdoors, fantastic creatures creeps and glide, living their best lives under the protection of UNESCO and  Indonesian government. Our main star, the Komodo dragons, lurks amidst the tropical forest of Komodo Island and Rinca Island; hunting the deers and doing their best as the official national animal.

Komodo boat is your ticket to wander around the rich sea

Venturing the region with Komodo National Park with Komodo boat will not only get you the sight of majestic Komodo dragons, but also other marvellous creatures. Underneath the azure ocean, array of chromatic corals awaits. Once you take a deep plunge, the marine life reveals a technicolor life with greater diversity than the land above. The water is clear with high visibility and it’s a great place to hunt (and by hunt we meant sightseeing from afar) dugongs, pelagic, and hundred years old turtles. The Komodo’s water is warm and it’s a meeting point of two currents, bringing in rich nutrient planktons that makes the ocean blooms with life. The coral covers sustains thousands of fishes of many species, including tuna, sweetlips, surgeonfish, napoleon wrasse, and other school of fishes that seems busy crossing the sea.

Above them all is our A-list celebrity, the great Manta Rays who definitely sit on everyone’s list after the dragons. There’s a special place in Komodo National Park where divers love to jump from their Komodo boat and wait for the Manta Rays passing—the phenomenal Manta Point. A favourite cleaning station for the Manta, this shallow open water spot is located between Rinca Island and Komodo Island with less than 30 feet depth. Coral beds featuring the forever shape-shifting anemones, clownfish, and turtles munching seaweeds will entertain you until the majestic Manta makes its graceful greets, gliding effortlessly in the middle of the bluish world.

Komodo National Park is really a place where mother nature audaciously let out its magic.