Souvenir Ideas from These 5 Countries

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Travelling will be incomplete without you buying authentic goods from your destination. There are many things to buy when you travel. However, most travelers sometimes are too occupied to think of what they really want to buy. Well, this is not a big deal but buying souvenir from where you travel can be considered as a great thing to remind yourself. Besides, people you love at home are always eager to find out what you buy from your vacation. If you can give them souvenir other than fridge magnet then they will surely more elated. Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying keychain or fridge magnet as souvenir for people waiting for you at home. But do you think it is a little too ordinary?

Authentic souvenir you can buy from these 5 countries

Every place has its special features including its authentic good to buy by tourists. Small accessories are the most popular type of souvenir bought by tourists. However, there are also other things you can buy from these 7 countries if you happen to visit one of them:

  • Austria is a wonderful country where you can enjoy lots of interesting tourist attraction. This is a travel destination for those who seek for more peaceful place with fewer crowds. Aside from its beauty you can enjoy during travelling, you can also buy its authentic souvenir in a form of Mozarkugeln or people also call it Mozart Balls. It is chocolate coated with truffles and filled with pistachio-flavored marzipan and nougat. The golden wraps just make those little balls more appetizing.
  • When you visit Turkey, there are many things you can buy. You won’t run out of option. There are glass lamps, hand-woven carpet, etc. However, you can also choose the simple but authentic good to buy as souvenir in a form of Turkish Delights. They are sold per kilogram so you can buy as you need.
  • Portugal is a great country where you can enjoy the richness of architectures while wandering around the town. Amongst all interesting goodies you can buy as souvenir, it is highly recommended to buy local wine. Portugal is home to some port wines where it produces the finest wine. You can buy wine produced in Duoro Valley. Enjoy this sweet drink with our beloved once you back at home.
  • Norway is great travel destination especially during winter. The vibe of romantic and peaceful vacation is prominent. This is also where you can buy some epic winter-wear. There is already famous brand of winter-wear in Norway called Dale of Norway. It is trusted quality knitwear which has been everyone’s favorite. Buy yourself and your beloved the comfiest knitwear to stay warm.
  • Kenya is exotic place where you can see the wildlife itself. This country is mesmerizing with its natural beauty. Travelers called adrenaline junkies or adventurers will be delighted to visit this place. Besides, there is also authentic souvenir to buy in a form of coffee beans since this country is one of the most distinctive coffee producer.