How to Treat Muscle Cramps Caused Travelling

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Muscle cramps can happen anytime not only during travel. However, long travel can cause it to happen even more. When you travel by car or plane especially during peak season, it is easy to suffer from muscle cramps. It is not only uncomfortable but also painful. It is hard for you to keep up with your journey when you get muscle cramps. It can also ruin your mood during travel. Getting stuck in a car or plane for hours is likely to make you have muscle cramps in many areas of your body. Exploring different locations of tourist attraction by foot is fun since you can find many more interesting things. However, you may get muscle cramps especially at night.

How to Treat Muscle Cramps Caused Travelling

Preventing and Dealing with muscle cramps during travel

Even if you are seasoned travelers, having muscle cramps sometimes is inevitable. You need to teach yourself how to treat it especially when you are travelling alone. Of course there are many kinds of drugs you can buy at a drugstore to make it go away. However, you can also try these tips:

  • Prolonged sitting is one of the most common causes of muscle cramps. Therefore, it is highly suggested to be proactive during travel, especially when you travel during high season. It is important to prevent yourself from having muscle cramps by stretching and slow walking before you set out. You can do it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Thus, your muscles will be loosen and your blood will low properly.
  • If your trip takes few hours before arrive at your destination, make sure you don’t keep your position the same the entire journey. You need to change your position at least in every 20 minutes by standing up, stretching, etc. You can also massage your legs occasionally. When you arrive at your destination, give yourself few minutes before taking a walk. Then, you can take a brisk walk to make your muscle ready and warming up.
  • Muscle cramp can be caused by exhaustion. Thus, it is recommended to pack healthy snacks for your travel. Thus, you can recharge your energy when needed. There are also foods that can help you prevent and even relieve muscle cramps. They are seeds, nuts, or fruits like bananas which are source of calcium, magnesium and potassium. However, there are also foods that you need to avoid during travel such as grains, alcohol, high-sugar foods, and pasteurized dairy. They can higher the risk of getting muscle cramps during travel.
  • Dehydration is also common reason behind muscle cramps. When you have to take a long flight without drinking enough water then you will suffer from muscle cramps. Therefore, make sure to pack enough water for your travel. It is highly suggested to take low-sugar beverages though. Alcohol is a big no for travelling since it can higher the chance of you getting muscle cramps instead. Healthy beverages are good for your body. Thus, make sure to drink enough water before and during travelling.