Interesting Tourist Villages in Jogja To Be In Your Bucket List

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Jogja is a special region in Indonesia. It has distinct culture which is so interesting to learn about. From foods to the historical landmarks, you can enjoy your holiday in Jogja. One of the must-visit destinations in Jogja is its tourist villages. There are plenty of them so you can choose some of them to be in included in your itinerary. You can visit Jogja after the pandemic ends as a reward after going through tough time.

Exploring Tourist Villages in Jogja

When it comes to Jogja, many travelers are reminded of shopping destinations like Malioboro or historical temple like Borobudur and Prambanan. However, there are more to explore when it comes to Jogja such as visiting tourist villages. You can put Joga as your next travel destination.

Ketingan village is a very interesting place to visit. This place is situated in Sleman. The best activity to try during your visit to this village is exploring the rice field. You can even interact with cows or buffaloes. This village is the only place where you can find Kuntul bird. The population of this bird has been there since 90s.

Tembi village is where you can learn deeper about the culture of Jogjakarta. This is also where you can find authentic local arts. You can visit traditional house from made based on Javanese culture situated in the middle of rice field. Recommended activities t do is biking around the village and try variety of authentic foods.

Tanjung village is another interesting place to visit while spending your holiday in Jogja. It is the only village in Jogja that still has the oldest Joglo house. The location of this village is not far from the main city. While you are in this village, tour organizer will arrange your schedule so you can have various activities every day such as gardening, playing with buffaloes, or planting rice. This place is also known for producing high-quality rice in Jogja.

Nglinggo is a tourist village in Jogja that has the most beautiful view. It is located in Kulonprogo. If you are planning to visit this village, make sure to dress warmly and comfortably because you might have to fight the cold while hiking to the best spot. You can see tea garden spreading throughout the village. You can explore the garden or enjoy the tea made by the locals to warm your body.

Sendari village is also worth visiting for. This place is known to produce the best bamboo craft in Jogja. During your visit, you can stay at one of the villager houses or homestay called Omah Kecebong. It is a homestay with traditional Javanese design. You can join the villagers to do some activities such as catching chickens, cooking, playing traditional instrument called Gamelan, or sorting out good quality rice.