Papua Diving Raja Ampat: How to Plan a Dive Holiday

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What is your idea for a perfect holiday? Is it a beach, sunset, white sand, coconut, clear water, yacht, warm weather, colorful fish, delicious food, peaceful, fun, peaceful, and quality time? Definitely, yes, that’s all you need. Exploring West Papua is the best choice for your travel experiences. This island is declared as the second Amazon due to its rainforest. Exploring West Papua in Raja Ampat is perfect for people who need time to recharge your day. Avoid the busy life of the city, the sun, the sea, and white sand in a peaceful location, listening to the waves’ sounds. If you are a nature explorer, it’s your happy time because there are many things to do. Taking Papua Diving Raja Ampat is a must.   You will be amazed by the underwater beauty that is like a beautiful painting. Here are the best tips to consider when planning a diving holiday.

Papua Diving Raja Ampat

Have You Tried Papua Diving Raja Ampat?

Diving is the best way to explore the underwater world and to have memories for a lifetime. The first thing you need to consider when choosing a diving vacation is to make sure you have been on dive training. Diving training is so important for your safety, and you should get certification to dive. To become a diver, you will learn theory and practice. You will be more confident when you complete your diving certification program. The most important thing because you will learn how to self-rescue, help your dive buddies, improve swimming skills, and learn the skill in a variety of situations while diving. Attending certification programs means that you are trained by an instructor to set up diving equipment properly.

Accommodation, Resort, or Liveaboard?

Raja Ampat has so many resorts and liveaboards for a diving holiday. First you can determine your accommodation according to your character. If you have only a few days to dive, maybe a limited budget, and want some room to enjoy your privacy, a stay at a resort will be the most affordable. But if you want to focus on diving, staying at a liveaboard is what you need because you will always be close to a diving site. It will take you to places to dive that might not be reachable otherwise.

Picking a Papua Diving Raja Ampat Destination

Deciding where to go is your next step. Every diver is different. You can choose your diving destination with these tips and depend on your diving level. First, you need to define the type of diving you want, and then you have to adjust to your budget. If you want a cheap place, you might prefer to choose some destinations close to your accommodation. If you plan on traveling with your family, you need to consider diving spots that are close to tourist attractions.

Papua Diving Raja Ampat

What Do You Want to See?

Start thinking about what you want to see while diving. There are numerous places for diving in Raja Ampat like Cape Kri, Fam Island, Misool Island, and Mata Sandy.  For example, if you are interested in diving with Manta-Ray, you need to visit Mata Sandy. A diver can approach and swim with the manta ray. If you want to dive with a particular species, you need to choose your destination according to where that species is most prevalent.

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How much time do you have for a diving holiday? If you don’t have much time for a holiday, don’t spend two days for transit to and from a destination. You need to find the right place and close to your stay to maximize your dive time. The last step is to find out the best timing to travel to Raja Ampat because it will affect seasonal conditions, including water temperature, visibility, and swell.