Instagram’s Influence in Attracting People to Buy Your Villa

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The creation of images on Instagram is always manifested from time to time, in addition there are many people who use Instagram as a means for Marketing. These days, people don’t come to the villa to stay and sleep. Today, when our lives are justified on social media, more and more travelers are looking for scenic destinations and photogenic stays.

Instagram influence

Where they can take instagram-worthy pictures to create a perfect representation of the vacation on their social media. Some travelers even choose accommodation based on its appeal and how it can provide an aesthetic backdrop to their vacation photos. That’s why adding photogenic dots to your villa will certainly be an added value for today’s traveler. Here is a coastal item that will transform your villa into a chic beach spot.

Plants will help you attract tourists to visit your villa

Yes, you heard right. Plants are great for making any space bright and lively. Although you may have planted trees and flowers in the outdoor garden, few indoor potted plants can make it a beautiful sight. Create a small oasis of greenery to decorate your villa, offering visitors a place to rest, coupled with a refreshing place for a morning portrait. For interior decorations, choose trendy plants such as monstera, cacti and assorted succulents, or ferns that add character and texture to the room. Although not everyone is painting a picture behind the leaves today, the trend of greenery is still appreciated by many people.

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Can your villa be even more tropical? With a surfboard, it’s possible! If you display a surfboard in a casual way, you will stimulate the coastal life inside your villa, making visitors feel like they are staying in the heart of Bali. The surfboard is very flexible, they can simply lean against the wall for a relaxing and natural look, or stack some of it on the wall to create a beach atmosphere and liven up the space. The decoration of these surfboards is enough to create stunning vacation photos, especially when combined with the perfect outfit for the day.

Woven rope swings

A white swing suspended in the porch is perfect to evoke idyllic vacations in slow motion. This is just like the image of Bali, where visitors can associate a peaceful day on the island with the presence of the item. Travelers love taking pictures of themselves lazing around in this woven swing on a sunny day, as it’s not something they normally enjoy in any other hotel or resort, creating a feeling of simple, luxurious relaxation.