Open Trip Labuan Bajo for Summer Holiday

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Open Trip Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a small town known as the gate toward Komodo National Park. It’s located in the western part of Flores Island. There are some exciting destinations that you can discover inside this town. For some adventurers, Labuan Bajo is an ideal getaway for summer holiday. With land choices, the beautiful nature, sea, and traditional villages to conquer, it is no wonder that this place seems more and more travelers are coming every summer. But, the thing is you only have limited time for holiday. So what should be done to create a great holiday? No need to worry! Book your Open Trip Labuan Bajo for an unforgettable holiday now! Open Trip Labuan Bajo is a regular trip with a fixed schedule to join with other people on board.

Where to book Open Trip Labuan Bajo? 

Three days trip is the most popular trip that travelers mostly pick. You have the chance to explore various destinations in many areas around Labuan Bajo. Try the liveaboard, where you get to live aboard for three days, to visit the pristine island and dive into the stunning wonders of the ocean. Luxury companies like Hello Flores usually offer a unique onboard experience and an intimate atmosphere for the summer holiday. Hello, Flores team crew helps you create your ultimate itinerary holiday according to your wishes, budget, and interests. Here are several ideas for holiday itineraries as a guide to help you plan your summer holiday! 

Unique three days idea for Labuan Bajo!

Open Trip Labuan Bajo

Start your 3 Days Open Trip Labuan Bajo immediately once you’re landed and get on the ship at the Komodo. The boat will carry you to the first place to visit in Serayu Besar.  Serayu Besar offers a stunning view of trekking and extraordinary underwater beauty for snorkeling. In the next areas, you can sail to Gili Lawa Darat. It’s located in the northern part of the Komodo National Park. This place offers you a lot of fun water activities like kayaking and many other fun water activities.

The highlight of this trip is to visit Manta Point.  This site offers divers the chance to get great views of the Giant Manta. You can dive and swim from the deck. Make the most of the last day by visiting a peculiar place.  You can visit Kalong Island on your next itinerary.  This place offers the exotic attraction of bats flying over the island at a particular sunset time. Last but not least, end your journey with one last beautiful island, Kelor Island! The island is very tiny; the beach is crystal clear. You can see various types of fish, colorful the corals, and relax under a tree while enjoying a refreshment provided by our crew. So what are you waiting for? Book now. Labuan Bajo is waiting for you!

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