The Most Affordable Beachfront Villa Bali Location

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If you are dreaming that someday you could own beachfront villa bali and living by the beach, you aren’t alone. Most of people would also think about that and how does the feel like to spend the day in perpetual vacation. Furthermore, with the ocean view every time we walk outside the unit.

Astonishing Beachfront Villa Bali

The only problem we face is that the coastal living is expensive. With that mentioned, actually we should spend that kind of amount and it doesn’t have to be expensive. We could find the solution of being smart while picking up the location, the type of unit and negotiation.

In addition, some beach villa bali area are more affordable than the favourites one. You may be able find a hidden gem than you would expect.

A Serene Sanur Area

Sanur area is located between Denpasar and Badung. It’s on Denpasar timur region, and it has beautiful white sand beach all around. Interestingly, Sanur is also known as the “Retirement Paradise” which most of the visitor are usually a group of old age. Meanwhile the beachfront villa bali vary on different price points, but its not that luxurious price than the other area. You could find three-bedroom homes with water views for around $350,000.

Sanur was also favourite as one of the serene and tranquil stay while vacation in Bali. Its because surround by a lot of housing and hotels and it took a distance to crowded place. Sanur beach and Matahari terbit beach remains the most popular to find sunrise.

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Tranquil of Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua region is often talked about on TV, since the area is famous to celebrate an international events and gatherings. In addition, its also famous for its beautiful areas along the beach coast. Dreamland beach is one example that stand as a staggering sites and affordable aswell. Within the region we could find a lot of beachfront villa bali that face straight to the ocean.

Dreamland beach is set along the Nusa Dua recreational park as well as tourism destination. It offers a scenic and memorable sunset point for its visitors. The bali property and housing also pose in an affordable price. We could find beachfront villa bali with several facility with the price range of $125,000 to $250,000.

Hidden Gem Beachfront Villa Bali in Buleleng

One exceptional region that must be mention in this article is Buleleng. Buleleng which located in southern of Bali offer a unique and simple traditional lifestyle. In addition, this region ranked as one of the best places to live in Bali island because its low living cost and very affordable. With the current development of the area, we could see bali property for sale beachfront as the next big thing in Bali.

Beachfront Villa Bali Ocean View

Meanwhile, Buleleng is known for its astounding beach villa bali enclose to the lovina beach. Also offering an abundance of outdoor activities such as dolphin adventure, water sport, etc. Buleleng stand as the affordable region as the property value mostly range from $100,000 to $200,000.

Charming Beachfront Villa Bali in Buleleng

This charmingly beachfront unit is enclose to lovina beach in Buleleng. Adds a modern style villa features with 3 simple and comfortable en-suite bedrooms with minimalist bathrooms. Moreover, fits with full furnished and re-decorate in great concept. Develop with expensive furnishing to provide great comfort and living experience.

Beachfront Villa Bali Living Room

This unit generously offers 4 AC, elegant living area , spacious dining area , full set kitchen , gazebo , good water source, electricit and internet throughout the unit. This is a remarkable option to find your desired beachfront villa bali , so let not waste the time and enquire this unit now! Get the best deal during the new year and claim free report of investment report for this villa.