7 Types of People You Meet in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

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For an avid diver, there no adventure as thrilling as submerging yourself underneath the deep blue sea, swimming against swift currents and gliding through the water with hundreds of fishes. Underwater scenery can get even more vibrant when you dive around Komodo’s world class diving sites, which located right in the heart of coral triangle. The ocean is brimming with chromatic corals, fishes, pelagic, and other exotic creatures who enjoy the protection of the National Park. One of the most popular way to enjoy Komodo’s underwater beauty is by having a multiple day trip with Komodo diving liveaboard.

One of the great thing about having a Komodo trip with liveaboard is that you are given a chance to meet all like minded people from all walks of life who share a same passion for the ocean. But here’s this thing. The thing about being confined on a ship for four to seven days with these people is you are “forced” to know their true color. Some will make a new strong bond, other will make you wish a room to escape. Either way, learning how to interact with these people will improve your diving life aboard experience.

7 Types of People You Meet in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

The First Timer Diver

In any Komodo diving liveaboard, there will likely be at least one first timer diver that’s probably still completing their course. Some diving liveaboard in Labuan Bajo are also operating as a dive center. Their chest is filled with anxiety and excitement all at once. If you are an experienced diver, offers them a little help and guidance—they will really appreciate it.

The Loud Families

Well, with the rare dragon, outlandish beauty, and brilliant water, it’s no surprising that more families are taking their children to a Komodo liveaboard trip. Some of these families, however, happens to be the loudest member of the liveaboard. Especially when the children are running around and squealing with over excitement, and the parents are trying to stop them with high-pitch yelling.

The Geeky Diver

They are the only person on board who constantly throw around decompression theories and complicated terms. It’s not surprising that they happen to own the best diving gadget in the boat.

The Grounded Loner

While the rest of the group are busy bonding, the grounded loner always seems a little bit detached for the rest of the group. They can perform an excellent teamwork underwater, but when it’s time to surface, they are nowhere to be found.  Maybe they love me time so much. Maybe they are just introverted and awkward. Either way, they are probably a solo traveler who rather keep their own company and indulge themselves in relaxing spot of the Komodo diving liveaboard, away from the hustle and bustle of the group.

The Experienced

In any diving liveaboard, there will be at least someone who seems to have dive deeper, travel farther, and know how to handle the water better than anyone else. It’s the experienced diver, and your diving buddy is absolutely one of them! Listen to what they say!

The Young and Living to the Fullest

Ah. No one can deny that the wild Komodo National Park is a magnet for the young and adventurous. They love to start every dive (and trek) with “Yahooo!” and get excited for every activities. These young soul are among the first to accept thrilling challenge, like drift diving or stand up paddling.

The Everybody’s Buddy

There will always be one person who seems like the glue of everyone. They can always find a topic and befriend everyone in the liveaboard in less than six hours. Whenever they are not around, the boat suddenly feels dry. 

Can you identify yourself with one of these type?