Hiring Social Media Manager For Your Small Business

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Social media is effective marketing tool to boost your small business. However, social media is not that easy to manage due to its complexity. Social media is an industry that you can take advantage of to grow your small business bigger. The key is to know how to navigate your social media strategies into effective marketing. To do it, you need someone or a team who can manage your social media handle professionally with dedication. 

How to pick the right person to manage your small business’s social media handle

Social media platform is where the majority of people spend their time on daily basis. Hence, it is such a great place to draw in more customers. You can promote your small business using social media strategies if you put the right person on this role. Here are important factors to consider when hiring the right person to handle your social media:

Writing skill

Social media might look simple but it is actually a writing-heavy job. A social media manager will be responsible for writing captions, posts, and even blogs. It is ideal to hire someone with strong writing skills. This way, they can communicate your business’s objectives more effectively in your brand’s voice to the target audience. 


It is also recommended to hire someone who have experience in social media field. It means that someone must have strong social media presence. They should be skillful in digital marketing while having experience in using all social media platforms that your business does. Each social media has different culture and voice. Hence, make sure to hire the one that know about that too. Also, make sure that they are familiar with each channel platform’s analytic tools. 

Design skills

Design skills are also vital elements a candidate of social manager should have. It doesn’t that the person should be an eligible graphic designer. Just make sure that they are social media experts who have an eyes for what’s good and not in an image can take your social presence a long way. For example, choose candidates who are good at taking appealing photos, and skilled at least at creating simple, interesting graphics. 

Customer service skills

Social media will be the front line of your small business to interact with customers and vice versa. It is important to create strong engagement with your target audience. Hence, make sure to hire someone who has excellent customer service skills. Hence, they can be the face of your business and communicate with customers effectively and properly. 

When to know you need social media manager?

There is no really ultimate rule on when you should or can hire social media manager. However, you may look from various aspects to determine whether or not you need to hire one. For example, you need social media manager if your social media has become vital for your marketing strategy. You also need one if you don’t have advanced social media skills, or that you are too busy with other tasks.