Yacht Charter Indonesia, Cruising Between The Remote Islands

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The Indonesian archipelago will not run out for you to explore in just a short time and you need the right transportation. Yacht charter Indonesia will take you explore and discover the lush tropical rainforest, stunning wildlife and oriental cuisine exclusively. Yacht rental is definitely expensive. How much do you have to prepare to explore remote islands in Indonesia?

Yacht Charter Indonesia, Cruising Between The Remote Islands

Yacht charter Indonesia, Exploring dive site Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Papua is one of the islands that has always been a favorite of diving lovers. A budget to Raja Ampat is not cheap. Tourists already know that it takes a lot of money to enjoy the world’s tourist destinations, Raja Ampat. Liveaboard is the best way to explore the popular and remote islands of Raja Ampat. How much does it cost?

Depends on your budget! Usually tourists will surf looking for vacation packages to Raja Ampat starting from the cheapest, standard to premium. Each yacht has various facilities and prices. Now it depends on you, how much is your vacation budget.

Considering your destination is Raja Ampat, then the budget must be above $500. For diving lovers, the price is not a problem. The Raja Ampat dive site offers an amazing underwater charm. Let’s check 5 top dive sites in Raja Ampat that you can reach using Indonesian yacht charters.

Fam island

The Fam Islands are made up of several small islands as well as four larger’main’ islands: Fam, Penemu, Inus, and Yar. Because of the incredibly healthy and flourishing reefs found here, marine biologists frequent these islands, so you know there is plenty to see.

Melissa’s Garden and Penemu Wall are two of the best dives in the area. Both are teeming with marine life, including wobbegongs and reef sharks, as well as tiny pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish, and nudibranchs of every color and shape. Penemu Wall is famous for its massive gorgonian fans, which can grow up to 3 metres across!

The Passage

The Passage is a small shallow channel that connects the islands of Waigeo and Gam. This is possibly one of Raja Ampat’s most well-known dive sites.

This area has a wide range of seascapes, from mangroves where the light filters through in stunning patterns to rocky underwater ridges where macro marine life prefers to hide. Citrus Ridge also has one of the best coral gardens in all of Raja Ampat.

Dampier Strait

The Dampier Strait connects the West Papuan mainland to Batanta Island and the large island of Waigeo to the north. Because of the large amount of water passing through, this strait has an abundance of marine life, making for incredible dives.

Sardine Reef, Cape Kri, and Arborek Jetty are all well-known Dampier Strait dive sites, but there are many more. Divers must be aware of the dangers because vibrant schools of fish thrive in the strait’s strong currents.

Manta Sandy

Because it is in the Dampier Strait, Manta Sandy should technically be ranked third. Divers looking for mantas, on the other hand, usually prioritize this site.

At 18 metres, this dive is suitable for divers of all skill levels. The rays are drawn to this location because of the variable current and high concentration of plankton. It’s not unusual to see up to 20 rays come by for a tasty snack.

Batu Lima

Batu Lima, also known as the “Five Rocks,” is located at the southwest entrance to Kabui Bay. The name comes from the five large rock formations that protrude from the water here. Aside from the stunning scenery, the huge coral fans just a few meters below the surface are the draw to this dive. The beautiful corals range in color from purple to black and many shades in between.

With healthy corals come a plethora of colorful fish. Travelers hunt here, and you might even see a blacktip or whitetip shark.