Diving Komodo National Park, Complete Guide for Perfect Sailing

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Diving Komodo National Park has become one of the tourist icons in East Nusa Tenggara. Komodo diving season, budget, operator, live board or stay on the island are important factors that must be discussed. You need to remember that Labuan Bajo is an access that you have to pass to get to Komodo National Park. Komodo island is not like other diving destinations in Indonesia. It offers macro dives, witnessing large marine animals and rare ancient animals.

Diving Komodo National Park, Complete Guide for Perfect Sailing

How to do scuba diving Komodo?

As mentioned above, the dive options can be liveaboard or stay on the island. What are the pluses and minuses of liveaboard and staying on the island?


You will stay on board for days or even weeks. Liveaboard takes you around small and large islands diving into the best and most difficult dive sites in Komodo National Park. Liveaboard operators usually offer travel packages to other islands in Indonesia.

Given the type of liveaboard varies greatly from standard to luxury. There are 2 types of liveaboard packages, open and private trips. Most backpackers and solo traveling will profitable if taking an open trip package. 

The most affordable Komodo liveaboards are small vessels with limited space, and many of them offer relatively short dive safaris around Komodo.

Komodo liveaboards grow in size, and have more onboard amenities, fancier cabins, and longer dive trips as the price rises.

Personally, scuba diving Komodo using a liveaboard is highly recommended. You will get more dive time and easy access to remote islands with stunning underwater views.


Some of the islands in Komodo National Park are protected. It is impossible for you to live there. If you take a diving class, you must stay on the coast of Labuan Bajo.

Many dive schools double as hostels with varying prices. It takes time to reach the dive point from Labuan Bajo. The journey will be very long for the dive points north and south of the remote Komodo. You can find the nearest Komodo diving spot with amazing underwater views.

Komodo diving season

Diving season in Komodo in each area will be different. Scuba diving is possible all year in Komodo National Park. From May to September, the central region, where the majority of dive operators and liveaboards operate, has the best water conditions.

Best Water Conditions (clear visibility, no choppy water, and warmer temperatures):

May to September in the North and Central Regions. (The rainy season lasts from November to April.) Rough waters in the Northern Region may make diving impossible from January to February).

From November to April in the Southern Region. (From July to August, the waters are murky and rough here.)

Seasonal Activity of Marine Life:

The iconic marine life found on Komodo is resident and can be seen all year. Some creatures are more visible at certain times of the year.

Manta Ray Season: Some Manta Rays live in Komodo all year, making up the resident population. Every month, these can be found. Plankton blooms attract many non-resident Manta Rays from far and wide to feed from December to February.

Whale Shark Season: Plankton blooms in December and February attract whale sharks, making this the best time to see them.

Mola Mola: You can spot the elusive Mola Mola in any month (if you’re lucky! ). August is the best month to see mighty and mysterious fish.