Best Cities In The U.S To Walk Around

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Walking is not only fun but also healthy. It can help burn calories ore effectively. No wonder some countries around the world encourage their citizens to walk more than taking a cab. Walking during your vacation is a great option too especially when you visit lovely cities. By walking, you lower the risk of missing out on something interesting. In addition, walking is way less pricey than taking a cab. Exploring on foot can give you the best travel experience since you can also set the pace on your own.

What cities in the U.S are the most walkable?

It is best that you make plan in advance to decide which city to visit and what places to explore so you won’t have to wander around aimlessly. But even if you prefer exploring the city aimlessly on foot, make sure to take precautions to ensure you are safe. And here are some of the most loveliest cities in the U.S best for exploring on foot:

New York City, New York

It is not surprising to include New York in this category because this city is such a walkable place to explore. Most errands can be accomplished by foot. You may consider staying near Grand Central Station on East 42nd Street. To makes it easier for you to get around places. You will have access to transportation hub within walking distance of Rockefeller Plaza, Time Square, Bryant Park, as well as Central Park. It also just takes half an hour for you to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to the Bronx. 

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is such a promising city to be explored on foot. In fact, the locals choose to walk to run their errands. You can walk around the city’s historic downtown area. It is highly recommended to explore various tourist attractions without a car. If you crave for entertainment, head to King Street, which is the main artery of the city’s district. You will find many interesting places included antique stores, bakeries, and other independently owned shops. 

Washington, D.C

Walking has been known as part of unique charms of the nation’s capital. There are many places to explore and you can do it by foot. Some of the most iconic places to go to within walking distance include Smithsonian museum, the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, etc. In fact, you can find various tourist attractions from museums, memorials, monuments, to galleries all withing walking distance. 

Boston, Massachusetts

One of the most interesting things to enjoy during your visit to Boston is to catch a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. However, you can also opt for other attractions such as Boston Common, which is the oldest public park in the U.S, and other historical gems. Don’t forget to explore the Freedom Trail. Which is a 2.5mile trail that meanders through the city. There are many fascinating places to stop by between Boston Commons and Boston Harbor. Your walk will be more lovely with the added of Bostonian brownstones.