Beginner-friendly Snorkeling Spots Indonesia

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Diving and enjoying the underwater scenery can not only be enjoyed by diving lovers. For those of you who want to enjoy the underwater scenery without diving, snorkeling is the answer. Determining the snorkeling spot in Indonesia for beginners needs as many references as possible. Indonesia is an archipelago and it is not difficult to find snorkeling spots for beginners.

Beginner-friendly Snorkeling Spots Indonesia

Nusa Penida snorkeling spot

Don’t miss taking the time to visit Nusa Penida if you are on vacation in Bali. In addition to its natural photos that are popular on Instagram, snorkeling spot Nusa Dua must be included in your bucket list. 

Although the currents can change at any time, it can be said that the ocean currents in Nusa Penida are quite calm so it is perfect for snorkeling spots. Visibility when snorkeling is about 10-20 meters during the day, especially during the dry season.

You can also enjoy the coral triangle center with 296 species of coral reefs and 576 species of reef fish. Some interesting spots such as Crystal Bay, Manta Point, and Teluk Gamat are must-visits. 

For safety’s sake, use a life jacket and follow the guidance of a professional guide considering the currents in Nusa Penida are unpredictable. It is best to use a life jacket in calm waters. Enjoy snorkeling at Manta point and manta bay, you should be proficient in swimming.

Snorkeling di Gili Terawangan

Don’t miss the snorkeling spot on Gili Terawangan. Located 30 minutes from Mataram city, this spot can be your first choice of snorkeling spots. Moving to Gili Meno, you can snorkel and enjoy 48 human-sized underwater statues which are often the location of underwater photos for tourists.

Raja Ampat Snorkeling

Vacationing to Raja Ampat does cost more. Kri Island is one of the spots for beginner snorkeling where you can find 374 species of fish with beautiful corals. This island still looks beautiful with clear sea water. You can see underwater only from the surface. It will be very easy to find barracuda, jacks, batfish and snapper coexisting with small reef fish on Kri Island.

Spot snorkeling Indonesia – Wakatobi

One of the islands in Wakatobi, Hoga Island is one of the most beautiful underwater tourist islands in the world. The distance from Wakatobi district is around 2 hours. This island is like a series of historical beauty from Wakatobi. Small waves add to the perfection of your snorkeling & diving activities. 12 dive points are a must for tourists to capture extraordinary moments on Hoga island.