How To Keep Your Personal Safety While Travelling Overseas

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Travelling overseas can be fun and a life-changing experience regardless if you do it for study, business, or vacation. The majority of seasoned travelers also suggest that you travel overseas as much as you can and not to miss the opportunity when it comes. The problem is, not everyone feels safe to be visiting foreign places with various barriers. Also, every place has its own safety warnings and issues. Here are ways to keep your personal safety when travelling overseas:

How To Keep Your Personal Safety While Travelling Overseas

Don’t announce the world you are a tourist

Even though you are not straightly saying you are traveler, there are signs that tell the world that you are. It can be the camera on your neck, the tripod, the way you dress, and of course the accent or language you speak. Hence, it is highly recommended to do a research about the locals in advance so you know how to blend in more smoothly. Also, always walk with purpose and confident so you don’t look like a lost person. 

Never flaunt your valuables

Leave your valuables at home and consider limiting the amount of cash you are carrying. Be more mindful when carrying and displaying your valuables, especially in public. Also, use bags that have features anti-theft if possible. 

Be mindful when enjoying your nightlife overseas

Enjoying nightlife is one of the most exciting moments when travelling overseas. However, it is strongly suggested that you stay mindful with what you drink and how much you drink, especially when you travel solo. You don’t want to be wasted in foreign place because you are more vulnerable to become a target.

Try to stay alert

It is almost impossible to stay alert 24/7 during your trip to foreign country. You also want to enjoy your trip to the fullest and not to waste the opportunity. However, it is advised that you stay alert. Make sure to be more aware of when you are going, what you are planning to do, etc. Practice being aware of your surroundings as well. Therefore, you will notice the signs of something wrong allowing you to react appropriately.

Let your camera on

Someone with unscrupulous intentions will avoid being caught on camera as much as they can. If you find yourself in bad situation where you get unwanted attention from someone, turn your camera on. If the aggressor approach you, take their photos or even better videos. You can also turn on live feature on your social media account or pretend to do it. While doing it, head to public spaces such as cafe or convenient store. 

Keep emergency number with you

Research your destination prior the trip and save their emergency numbers. Then, learn some phrase in local language such as help, police, I record you on my phone, or stay away. You can call the emergency numbers or say those phrases whenever you feel unsafe or threatened. Avoid hiding in secluded places if you feel followed. Instead, head to places with more crowds.