Why Culture Shock Should Not Always Be Perceived As Something Negative While Travelling Abroad

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Travelling abroad is encourage because there are so many benefits you can get. It can be challenging but all of it will be worth it once you know how it gives positive impact to you in so many ways. One of the most challenging things many travelers experience when travelling abroad is culture shock. It refers to a feeling which is experienced by a person when moving from familiar culture to an unfamiliar one. Culture shock sadly often seen in a negative light. However, it can actually be beneficial for travelers to experience it while travelling abroad.

Young smile asian women wear facemask praying at Leng Nei Yi Temple in chinatown bangkok thailand

How beneficial culture shock can be for travelers

Facing some type of culture shock comprises sudden events that may leave you feeling surprised of a new way of life, in a new environment, with even new people. This experience also triggers various negative emotions such as anxiety and discomfort mostly due to separation from something or someone familiar (families and friends). 

It doesn’t stop there because you also get to deal with new weather conditions, different language, new cuisines, manner and behavior, and many more that may take a toll on you both mentally and physically.  

You become stronger

Facing culture shock can make you become a stronger person. All those journey when you experienced confusion, sadness, anxiety, and discomforts will slowly shape you as a person. You will eventually discover your potential, capabilities, and what you are made of. You will be stronger in facing stressful situations so you will no longer as easily overwhelmed as before. 

You become more adjustable and adaptable

Experiencing culture shock is beneficial because with how you experience the transition in your life, you will build yourself to become a more adjustable and adaptable person. Travelling abroad forces you to rely on yourself and you have to get better understanding of so many things at once. However, it builds you to become more adaptable to new situation, allowing you to be more capable of pivoting as needed. You won’t have difficulty navigating your life.

You become more open-minded

Being open-minded is a must because then you will get to see the world from different perspectives. It allows you to gain better opportunities at life as well. It will be easier for you to empathize with others, open up and embrace in spite all differences.

You gain new skill

Experiencing culture shock also may lead you to become a more capable person at many things, including mastering different languages.  By learning new language, it will be easier for you to learn about the place and everything it has. 

Don’t rush it

It is strongly advised that you not rush the process of adaptation. You don’t have to force yourself to get adapted to everything fast. Set your own pace and rather enjoy the moment. Start small and go slow with how you absorb new information, and everything that happens around you. This way, you will be able to have smooth transition and learn how to live happily outside of your comfort zone.