Tips to Have Slow travel Properly

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You may have experienced extreme exhaustion or fatigue after having a vacation. You take a vacation to have fun and recharge your spirit but it won’t do when you feel more exhausted after. This may be due to the fact that you travel in such a rush. You follow hectic schedule when you are having vacation then moving from one place to another in frantic pace. Well, this will definitely make you feel even more exhausted when you back at home. That is why you might a well consider slow traveling which has become a good option chosen by many travelers these days. In slow travelling, there is no rush or frantic movements. Everything is done slowly and leisurely. Thus, you won’t abuse your body.

Tips to Have Slow travel Properly

Tips for slow travelling

Lots of travelers have proven the magic of slow travel. Thus, more travelers are more curious to find out and experience the art of slow travel themselves. Remember that the magic in slow travelling is not on the destination. It is more like your mindset in being more aware and appreciative of your surrounding at a relaxed pace. Thus, it will open your eyes to see more when you visit new places and you will learn more about the new cultures. You will also be able to form strong connection with the local people as well as the environment. Everything is done in less stressful ways. Here are some tips for you to do slow travel the right way so you can experience the magic of it:

  • First is about accommodation. To go slow travelling, it is highly recommended to choose vacation rentals. It is considered to be more cost efficient than hotels especially slow travel means you need to stay longer. Thus, vacation rental will provide you more spacious and homey vibes which can make you feel comfortable during your stay. Make sure to book it in advance especially if you are going to travel in peak season.
  • Next is about food. Slow travel also means including the spirit of slow food. Thus, it is recommended to buy local ingredients from local market. You can join the locals at fish market in early morning and buy fresh fish to cook. Or, you can also try to visit a place where regional cuisine is served.
  • Next is about transportation. Slow travel doesn’t mean you have to choose slow transportation. However, it is recommended to choose comfortable and efficient transport so you can cut cost or reduce carbon emission. If your destination is within walking distance than it is more recommended reaching it on foot. It is healthier indeed.
  • Next is about preparation. Slow travel is more relaxing because you don’t have to be in a constant rush. However, you need to be aware that you are going to stay longer at your travel destination. Thus, make sure you pack everything you will need. Most travelers take a week to spend for low travelling. It depends on individual preference but be sure that you’ve got everything right.