What to Do if You Get Lost While Traveling

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Getting lost is always frightening especially when you are traveling abroad. If you get lost while traveling or separated from your group, you should know what to do so that you won’t put yourself in danger. Being in the place you are not familiar with either in new city or country should awake your awareness of the possibility that you may get lost at some point. The risk of getting lost is high when you visit new place especially when you don’t have plan on your traveling. If you prepare well, at least you can locate your position through the map that you suppose to bring.

What to Do if You Get Lost While Traveling

Things to do if you get lost while traveling

Actually the chance to get lost when you travel alone today is low because you can always rely on your smartphone where there is GPS to locate your location and your destination. However, the case will be different if the place you visit has no internet connection. This can be a huge disaster for you. O here are tips of what to do when you get lost on your traveling:

  • The first thing you need to do is stay calm and don’t panic. Staying calm will let your brain works properly to find out the solution. So when you realize that you get lost, take a deep breath and scan your surroundings.
  • Stop wandering around aimlessly because it will get you nowhere. It’s better to stay where you are for a while and find out any signs that you can use to help you guide to the right path. Observe your surroundings and figure out the most effective ways to find safe shelter.
  • Try to reach public transit stop if you get lost while traveling. This will help you to find street map of surrounding area. Or, you can ask the driver of the bus to get you to your previous location before you get lost.
  • Find some memorable landmark around you. Then you can ask a local for specific direction. If you can’t find anybody, try to get to the tall building to see the better view so that you can figure out your current location and search for alternative ways.
  • The easiest way to do when you get lost in foreign country or city is to visit the nearest hotel. You can ask the person at the front desk about the direction. You can also ask them to call a taxi so you can get to your destination easily.
  • The most obvious way to do when you get lost is to ask somebody. However, you need to be careful as well. It’s advisable to ask somebody in the store, restaurant, or hotel. It’s even better if you ask tour guide of another group of tourist for help.

Getting lost is not a pleasant experience. However, you won’t get traumatized if you have prepared yourself of what to do if you get lost while traveling. The tips above will be useful especially when you travel alone.