Pay Attention on Do’s and Don’ts While Traveling Overseas

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Traveling overseas is exciting and thrilling especially for the first-timers. Basically, there is no significant differences between traveling locally and overseas. However, every country may apply different procedures or rules that should be obeyed by tourists. Thus, you’d better known do’s and don’ts while traveling overseas so that you can enjoy your trip without so much hassle. You need to keep in mind as well that when you visit other country for traveling, you not only represent yourself as individual but also your country. Thus, knowing well what to do and what shouldn’t do while traveling can be very helpful.

Pay Attention on Do’s and Don’ts While Traveling Overseas

Do’s and don’ts while traveling overseas

Sometimes it is easy to get indulged in fun activities while traveling and forget what the most important thing. In the end, you can’t truly enjoy your trip even though it is what you have been waiting for. Therefore, here are do’s while traveling abroad:

  • It is advisable that you always be aware of your surroundings. It doesn’t mean that you need to be paranoia. However, visiting a place you have never been before should make you more alert of your surroundings. Don’t let your guard down especially to strangers. You can make friends with other travelers but make sure you don’t share any personal information of yours to them.
  • Memorize the number of your passport just in case it gets stolen or lost. When it happens, you can ask for replacement easier.
  • It’s better to bring cash just as much you need. It is to avoid robbery, theft, or loss.
  • It is better to dress like locals instead of dressing like a real tourists. There are people who target tourists for bad reasons.
  • Make sure to use the time well by having some fun and be brave to try something new to broaden your horizon.
  • Make sure to respect the customs of the local. It’s even better for you to learn native phrases to interact with local in friendly manner.


  • Wear jewelry too much because it leads to robbery, pickpocket, or theft, which means endanger your safety. Put valuable accessories or jewelries at home for your safety.
  • Wander around empty alleys alone especially at night. Visiting another country alone is fun but it will be dangerous if you being careless. It’s better to stay in crowded places to ensure your safety.
  • Provoke the locals by disrespecting their culture. As a guest, you need to respect them and make sure that you learn something new from them instead. Make sure to interact using appropriate language.
  • Break facilities especially those for public. It’s not only bad to do but it can put other people in difficult situation especially when they need to use the facilities you break.

Traveling overseas should make you experience fun and new things to memorize and learn. To make everything goes smoothly, make sure you follow do’s and don’ts while traveling overseas as mentioned above. Therefore, you can fully enjoy your traveling abroad.