Travelling to Magical Places in Indonesia

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Indonesia is one of countries situated in Southeast Asia. There are many places you can go to for travelling. Started from nature-based tourist attractions to high-technology ones, you can find everything you want from satisfying vacation. However, Indonesia also own magical places which deserve a visit. This exotic country has been one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. Of course, Bali is the most famous travel destination but there is more than that to explore. There are other places you can find special and magical to visit. Not only tourist attraction, Indonesia is also famous for friendly citizens who always welcome travelers coming from different places in the world.

Travelling to Magical Places in Indonesia

Magical places in Indonesia you can choose for your next travel plan

Choosing travel destination can be confusing sometime. There are already popular places in the world you can explore. However, choosing one amongst hundreds can be exhausting. To help you decide your next travel destination, here are some travel destinations in Indonesia which can make you feel like floating in magical place:

Kampung Lolai, South Sulawesi.

This is where you can find The Kingdom of Toraja. Lots of people find Toraja culture and rituals bizarre. However, you cannot only focus on the cultural aspects. It is unique but Toraja also offers wonderful nature. You can visit Kampung Lolai to prove it yourself. This kingdom stand at 1,300 meters above the sea. Thus, you can also enjoy the floating clouds when visiting this place. The best time to experience the magical clouds is at 5 am local time.

Munduk Moding Plantation, Bali.

Travelling to Magical Places in Indonesia
Munduk Moding Plantation, Bali

Of course, Bali should be on the list. This is one of the most iconic travel destinations in Indonesia after all. This is where you can experience waking up in the morning and is welcome by a spectacular pool floating in a sea of clouds. This 18-meter-long pool is already popular in Bali. Lots of travelers and tourist are eager to experience swimming as if they are floating on the cloud itself.

Bukit Banyon, East Java.

The next magical place in Indonesia is Bukit Banyon where you can enjoy spectacular view framed with cotton candy clouds. The place stands at 1,175 meters above the sea. The best time to enjoy the view of floating clouds is during sunrise. You can even stay and until 8 am and the view will still magnificent to see. However, the view during sunset is not less beautiful. You can enjoy the orange gleam in the horizon.

Bukit Panguk Kediwung, Yogyakarta.

Travelling to Magical Places in Indonesia
Bukit Panguk Kediwung

This is one of the chars of Yogyakarta that you can’t resist. Travelling to this place, you will be able to experience riding Pegasus-drawn carriage in the skies. In this place, there is high platform where you can enjoy the view while riding Pegasus-drawn carriage. What you can see from above includes flowing river, green forest, and of course the towering hills. This is the best place to relax your mind while floating on fluffy cotton candy clouds.