Komodo Boat: 5 Simple Things to Enjoy Onboard

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Spending a week to sail around Komodo, Flores, Indonesia, is probably one of the most noteworthy ecological niche on the country. In the land that’s still so pure from mass development, sailing trip in Komodo offer a back-to-basic kind of holiday, where you would have all the tropical fun—sun bathing, beaches, endless sea, etc—and still be exposed to the raw nature. Komodo boat is the perfect vessel for everything to happen. On board this boat, you gonna have a perfect blend of adventure and pleasure kind of holiday trip.

Komodo Boat: 5 Simple Things to Enjoy Onboard

Reconnection to Mother Nature in Deserted Island

Island hopping is the main feature of every trip with Komodo boat. On each island, you gotta find different things that won’t be found in other islands around. Some of the islands (read: Komodo and Rinca) houses the endemic Komodo dragons—the only colony of dragons left on earth. Some are home of coral reefs, baby sharks, and pelagic. One of them, specifically called Kalong island, is inhabited solely by giant fruit bats who burst and fly simultaneously when the dusk comes. Only Komodo boat can take you to these unique island and enjoy what they have to offer!

Secluded Gateway in Heavenly Beaches

On Komodo National Park tour you gotta find yourself more than a dozen of white pristine beaches that’s completely devoid from human’s footprints. A lot of them are even still hidden from the common crowds. There are plenty arounds and you can choose your own to get dropped off. Psst, among them are the phenomenal Pink beach, one of the rarest beach in the world.

Mind you, these virgin beaches don’t have lines of umbrella beaches and food stalls ready to greet you on the shore. So, bring on some snacks and drinks, sit in the sand, and enjoy your time watching the clear sea water brushing against streak white sands. Nothing can be more relaxing and fulfilling than this.

Fresh Seafood Galore

Having a trip with Komodo boat means there are lost of fresh seafoods ready to be served on the table! If you have long craved for good quality seafood, this gonna be the right time to fill your belly. Sometimes, they are caught just before dinnertime and grilled right before you!

Elated in Wondrous Viewpoint

There’s one elated feeling that can’t really be elaborated in words. The sense of being elevated, seeing dozens of islets and the vast blue sea enveloping the earth… that in a way feels liberating and exciting in the same time. And that breathtaking panoramic scene that would drops anyone’s jaw! Komodo has a number of astonishing viewpoint; Padar Island lookout and Gili Lawa hills are among the favourites.

A Floating Feeling During the Komodo Boat Sailing Trip

One of the simplest thing to soothe your soul during the trip is the sense of floating in the vast sea, in the middle of raw earth, without any worldly burden to think of. To let the wind blows away any anxiety; to let your should be carried away by Komodo’s lovely landscape.

Are you ready to drop everything on the shore and jump into the sailing trip?