Fun Home Vacation To Do During Global Pandemic

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There are restrictions for travelling and even socializing due to the global pandemic. Many countries have closed their entry pass so there are no visitors who can pay a visit. With social distancing rules and travel bans, it is easy to feel bored at home. However, we have to obey the rules to keep everyone safe from the coronavirus. If you keep insisting on going outside even if the rule says no, you might not only endangered yourself but also others. Instead of mopping all day, you can pick some ideas for home vacation.

Home vacation to enjoy your days during global pandemic

During global pandemic, many tourists attractions and destinations are being closed to prevent the spread of the covid-19. however, you don’t have to go outside to have a fun vacation. You can try staycation instead. It is a type of vacation you have at home. Here are fun ideas you can consider:

A small garden party in your backyard can be fun to do with your family. If you and your family are sick of eating in the same dining room, you can go and bring your foods to your backyard. You can treat it like a small private party. You can prepare foods and drinks just like you are going to a picnic. You can do it in the morning so you and your family can have a picnic breakfast while basking in vitamin D from the sun.

Build a camp in the backyard. If you and your family have routine to go camping, staying at home for months can be frustrating. Therefore, you can go to your backyard and together with your family build tent. If you have rooftop, you can also build your camp there. It must be fun to stay the nights inside the camp. You can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while stargazing at night.

Gardening is also a fun way to spend your day during global pandemic. It is not only fun but also healthy. If you have such a large backyard, you can plant variety of flowers or herbs. If you don’t have enough space, you can try vertical gardening. You can watch and learn how to do it from various sources such as Wikipedia or YouTube.

Cooking specific meals with your family. Discuss with your family on what dishes they want for lunch or dinner. You can also choose specific dishes from particular places such as Mexican foods, Chinese foods, Japanese foods, etc. Then, you can delegate task to all your family member so everyone has responsibility to fulfill. Enjoy the foods while watching your family’s favorite movies to add the fun.

Playing games and sports can be done at home. You can have a ping ping competition with your family members and give reward to the one who wins. Or, you can also redecorate your home interior together. It doesn’t have to be something costly. You can redecorate simple things such as making a chair from unused woods.