Recommended Travel Books To Read Before Having Your Own Adventure

Travelling the world is not a bad idea. In fact, it can be a life-changing opportunity for you to explore the world and find many beautiful things. It may be daunting but definitely worth it. You can also alleviate some of your fears of travelling by having more references and knowledge about travel and adventure. […]

Raja Ampat Cruise, Diving in Cenderawasih Bay

Raja Ampat, of course, is familiar to diving lovers. Cendrawasih bay, one of the favorite spots for domestic and foreign divers, and home to the largest marine park in Indonesia to see a very large number of underwater species. What’s so amazing that so many divers decide to take a Raja Ampat cruise and dive […]

Know What To Avoid For Safe And Comfortable Travel Overseas

Travelling overseas brings so much joy and excitement because you expect new experience from many aspects such as from different culture, language, environment, people, etc. However, travelling to unfamiliar places expose you to high risks. The lack of information or knowledge about the place you are going to visit will make yourself more vulnerable. However, […]

Yacht Charter Indonesia, Sailing With Traditional Phinisi Boat

Confused about Indonesian yacht charters? Most people think yacht charters are expensive. In fact, yacht charters are currently very popular among adventurers, divers, professional anglers, and even those who want to explore Indonesia’s marine tourism destinations. Yacht charter Indonesia in Bali are the most popular among tourists to guide them to explore the many diving […]

How To Stay Comfortable During A Flight In Basic Economy

For some travelers, flying in basic economy might be a nightmare. But for some others, it can be a better choice because of its perks such as low-cost. Even with all the perks, we still have to admit that basic economy is not the best to stay comfortable throughout the flight especially when you such […]

Raja Ampat Luxury Cruise, World-Class Hospitality

Want to enjoy a different vacation with an extraordinary atmosphere and experience to Raja Ampat? The experience of living on a luxury ship can make you feel at home for a long time to continue on vacation. All of Raja Ampat’s nature is beautiful and beautiful, especially the underwater world, so it’s best for diving […]

Keeping Your Home Safe While Away For Travelling

When it comes to travelling, the ultimate thing that becomes the main concern is your safety. However, it is also important to keep your home safe especially while you are away for travelling. Even if it is just for few days, things can go wrong when you return. One of the most concerning issues is […]

4D3N Labuan Bajo Trip And Sailing Komodo

The Indonesian government’s decision in 2020 to close Komodo island tourism has disappointed many parties, especially tourists. But don’t worry, you can start your Labuan Bajo trip and its surroundings, which is an icon of East Nusa Tenggara tourism. Exotic natural beauty makes it not enough for tourists to visit Labuan Bajo once. What to […]

How To Focus on Making The Most Of Your Solo Travel

Travelling alone is not everyone’s cup of team. Many think that travel will be much more fun when you do it with companies be it family, friends, or partner. While it is true to some degree, solo travel can be fun too. Solo travel is not as miserable as many people imagine to be. Yes, […]

Padar Island, Exciting Holidays with a Luxury Liveaboard

Padar island is part of the Komodo National Park area which is not inhabited by Komodo. The scenery of this Island is no less breathtaking than any other island. The excitement of traveling around enjoying the beauty of Padar, Labuan Bajo, and its surroundings can be enjoyed by sailing across the ocean using a luxury […]