One Stop Solution to Find Your Website Developer In Bali

It may not special nowadays for finding the one stop solution buildings or offices to help improve your business. Today, many online businesses are operating, selling things or services to the customers. over time, online competition is also increasing and on the other hands, many times your official business site needs to be developed, re-design it and many more things you have to be done in a short time if possible. That’s why I will introduce you about the web developer Bali you can visit and call or any types of things you can do to reaches the agency.

Website developer Bali from a digital agency

It is an online agency or more exactly the digital agency in Bali to help the business owners to get their best site, develops it and even will help you to increase the organic traffic among popular search engines with various of SEO techniques and strategies if you need the service. Related to that, your site will be the SEO friendly site too without have to be directed by you.

The digital agency I am talking about is the Kesato & Co. Based in Seminyak, Bali, makes the office is easier to visit from anywhere around. But if you have no time for that, you can simply get in touch with the team especially the web developer bali team to consult about the related issues. Then, you may will be sent the project proposal in a short time to see what it can be done for your online business problems.

I have witnessed that there are not many of the website developers in Bali that are selling their services online. Many of them are working in an online agency, so their skills keep on updating.

Digital agency is one stop solution to find the skilled and experienced website developer in Bali. If you are asking an agency to build you a site for business, you will be explained about which Content Management System (CMS) will be used. You can choose among the WordPress, Laravel, Joomla and many more as the basic CMS to run your site. You can surely also ask them to build one from scratch.

What is actually the web developer do for your site?

Many times, the developers will be work with you as the client and your customers at the same time. There will be 2 types of the developers which are the back-end developer that you can assumed as the site administrator and the front-end developer that will be focusing on the client side to add styles, functionality to the site, etc. But since you are reading this, I am insisting to believe that there are two conditions you are facing. You don’t have a team for that and you have no knowledge or relevant experiences in the field. That’s why you will need to find the best web developer if you are in Bali and the only answer for now is to meet them in the digital agency as I have been mentioned above.

Running a business can takes more times as you know, even 24 hours a day sometimes is not enough. So you don’t have to do everything, hiring the web developer Bali will also part of the better investment for your business. Your site will be taken care by those who are understand well about what they are doing and you shouldn’t worry about that. The better your site being developed, the better to earn many things you have been wishing from it.

As the one stop digital solution, the digital agency in Bali won’t only focusing on developing it, but they have also the web design team that is really helpful to make your site looks great in the eyes of your clients or customers. That can be a good start and useful investment you have done so far to reach the next level in your business or industry.

WordPress Plugin for Speed Optimization Your Website

Many webmasters and bloggers know that Google seems has officially counted the speed of your site or blog as one of its search engine ranking factor. And if you are using CMS like WordPress, you have your own privileges for that especially when it provides us the related plugin for the optimization to get your job done without even knowing about how to code.

Since the User Experience (UX) introduced and spread all over the internet as the main factor to support your SEO, your site’s loading page now is even getting more important than before. Not only when your visitors are accessing your site by using their desktop, but also through a mobile phone.

Even, Google itself has supported the AMP-Project to make the site loaded faster when people are searching for information using their phones. The faster your site loads, the better.

WordPress plugin for speed optimization

No matter what type of websites you’ve got and maintained, you need to optimize them all so you are not lost many of the visitors. Whether they are blogs, online marketplaces, company profile sites, or even for many existing online shops, I believe that most of the site developers are trying to get even under 3 or 4 seconds in average to get the site along with the pages loaded.

I have mentioned before that one of the advantages you can get when using WordPress to optimizing your site is that there will be many of the available plugins you can choose to get your work done.

Imagine when you want to publish a listicle consists of around 5 or 10 images in its content and each image gets about 50 kb and may up to 100 kb in capacity. That will be a large amount of capacity of your page will get, and that will contribute in slowing down your page speed.

On other hands, you may have tried to reduce the image capacity but end up finding yourself that you really can’t decrease them all without losing the quality of your pictures. You need to solve this issue without generates the new one whereas you can avoid it.

One of the best wordpress plugin for speed optimization comes from JoomUnited called as the WP Speed of Light.

The best part of this WordPress speed up plugin is it comes up with the Pro Addon that no other plugins can go such as Cache Preloading, not only for image compression (Gzip) but also for the font optimization, database will automatically clean up, CDN integration (CloudFlare, MaxCDN, KeyCDN, Varnish cache and Siteground) and even for speed testing to see the page performance and determine which elements that can be optimized.

Using the WP Speed of Light as your WordPress plugin for increasing your site speed is great even for the free version. And when you get the pro-version that the site itself called as the (PRO ADDON), its features and tools will get handier and no more limit for getting your site or blog running faster than before.

More than 7,000 users have been tested this plugin and there’s no big chance that they were wrong. The 5 stars rate has been achieved from users of where you know it quite difficult to get.

Check out the site right away and get the plugin to optimize the speed of your WordPress sites, it may the best decision you’ve ever made. Share this article if you found it useful.

Reasons Why Product Images Are Taken In Photo Studio

An image or photos is a very appropriate medium to spread a thing to the world wide. Later, the spread is accommodated by the existence of social media on internet. It has been proven, started from a moment up to meme will surely be disseminated to the outside world by posting it on social media in the form of photo sharing.

Using photo studio for product images

Although initially used only for sheer pleasure, nowadays photos or images are more than that. Sometimes, people take photos inside the studio for financial purposes such as product images of a company. But the question is, why the image of the product should be taken from the photo studio? For those of you who do not know the reasons, here I have provided some of my own insights about it.

1. Lighting effects

This is the main reason why a product image is taken in a photo studio. Lighting is a major factor of success in shooting. If a photo is taken in poor lighting conditions, it can be ascertained that the photo will not provide satisfactory results.

Therefore, taking pictures in a photo studio is the best choice when viewed from the aspect of lighting. Perhaps, taking photos outside the room will be able to provide good and natural lighting. But, outdoor lighting will usually only be good if taken from one angle. It will be very different if you decide to take pictures in a studio photo where the lighting can be arranged as your will.

2. Background selection

Apart from lighting factors, choosing the best background before taken product images is one of the factors why a photo studio is needed. Everyone must have understood as well that choosing a background to be used in a studio would be much easier and you can always change it when compared to the images taken at outdoor.

Backgrounds or later called as the backdrops can have various concepts such as the nuances of beaches, mountains, abstracts, futuristics, and other places or concepts. And I think all of them are possible to produce more of perfect product images.

You will only experiencing thing like changing the backdrop while taking pictures in a photo studio, and mostly will be so.

3. Ease in editing process

A product image requires perfect results to attract customers. For this reason, the editing process is very necessary. If a photo does not go through the editing stage first, surely a professional photographer will find it difficult to produce a perfect photo.

But the question is, why should be taken in the photo studio? Aren’t the images taken at outdoor will be editable too? While it is also true, but photos taken at the studio will certainly be editable more easily.

Think about the object lighting along with the solid background as an example. If you will be cut out the object from its background and place it in your new design, then it will be really helpful in editing. The object edges will also will not looks like the rough one and will be perfectly blended in to the new design you have prepared before.

4. You will save more of your times

There are many of the photo studios you can easily find and then rent it awhile. You will have not to troublesome yourself too and the rest of your team members to get to the location. And this aspect must have been understood by everyone.

If the photographer takes an image of a product in a photo studio, the guy with the team will only need to take the product and then discusses other things on the spot. This will be very different if taking photos at outside because the location of the photo also needs to be approved and visited first.

You will also need to take a good more care of the tools you have to use if you are photographing at outdoor, and it will really exhausted for some reasons. Not to mention that the weather can also be unexpected, no matter how you have planned it very well. I am sure you won’t experience all of those.

5. Thank’s God, your money is save as well

If you choose to find the photo studio rental for example at Bali for your product images project, then it will really affordable and even will guide you to a cheaper cost knowing that you will not need more of the team members, mostly the required tools are have been provided as well so you will not need to prepare from home, moreover buy the new one. Probably you will not take a long travelling too because the studio may only in a minutes away.

And many more things you can earn just by decided to take the product images in photo studio. Then, you can save the money for later or to be used at another project.