Favourite Places to Go in Uruguay!

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Uruguay is one of the countries that can become a tourist destination. Uruguay is one of the developing countries of the American continent and we should know that it has only about four million inhabitants. Although Uruguay is one of the developing countries in the Americas, coverage of the metropolitan area is quite extensive. We will find a lot of unique things that we cannot find in other countries. The tradition of the people of Uruguay, who look artistic and literal, is the main attraction in making the country a tourist destination for foreign tourists. In general, the developing countries of the Americas have traditions that are not very different. Likewise, Uruguay has cultural and traditional similarities with Argentina. Apart from that, the languages ​​used by both countries are the same of which she is Spanish with a little Italian accent. Uruguayans love to dance to folk music, polkas, waltzes and tango.

La Mano de Punta del Este

Favourite Places to Go in Uruguay!

La Mano is a sculpture from Punta del Este made by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal. It depicts five human fingers partially emerging from the sand and is found on Parada 1 at Brava Beach, in Punta del Este, a popular resort town in Uruguay. La Mano has been a symbol of Punta del Este since its completion in February 1982. The statue is also a landmark of Uruguay which is also very famous.

Fortaleza Santa Tereza

Favourite Places to Go in Uruguay!

Fortaleza Santa Tereza is a military fort located 36 kilometers south of Chuy and 305 kilometers northeast of the city of Montevideo, more precisely in Rocha, in eastern Uruguay. The fort was founded in October 1762 by the Portuguese, then moved to Moldonado and built the Fuerte san Miguel Benten. Fortaleza Santa Teresa has an irregular pentagon shaped wall. There are five checkpoints for each corner of the pentagon, which are built like hewn stone pulpits. The walls are very large, built with granite stones of the same size and perfectly carved. The exterior wall is approximately 4 feet thick and 11.5 m high.

Cabo Polonio

Favourite Places to Go in Uruguay!

Cabo Polonio is a hamlet in the Department of Rocha in Uruguay, a seaside resort and a national and natural park. Cabo Polonio is a protected area accessible only by special roads and special means of transport. You can go to Cabo Polonio on foot or on horseback from the town of Valizas. You will be presented with views of the beach, large sand dunes, and rivers. Cabo Polonio is essentially a small farm and a large lighthouse. Next to the lighthouse you can observe sea lions in their natural habitat, which is also protected.

Uruguay is a country in the part of the Americas whose inhabitants own farms that breed cattle and horses. So when tourists visit this country, visitors are allowed to enter the fields of horses and cattle.

Packing for Holidays at Nusa Dua Resort!

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When it comes to taking a break in Bali—the tropical island we all love and obsessed—every time of the year is summer and you can practically come there just anytime. And when you are having your well-deserved Bali holiday, it would just make sense if you stay at the Nusa Dua resort. This is what you need to pack to enjoy the resort holiday at it most.

Packing for Holidays at Nusa Dua Resort!

Enough cash before entering the Nusa Dua resort

Sure, you might have booked the room for weeks at the resort months ago—and paid it before arriving. Credit cards would also works almost everywhere you go. However, it’s still a good idea to bring some enough cash even to an all-inclusive vacation. Especially when you plan to spend the first few days full in the resort. Mind you that the majority of resorts in Nusa Dua are quite remote from city bustles—and you probably won’t find ATM near the resort. You will need some cash ready to tip the service boy, housekeeping service, or your massage therapist. Some rupiahs would also come in handy when you want to purchase drinks or meals that are not included on your package.

A piece swimsuits and summer outfits in your carry on 

Packing for Holidays at Nusa Dua Resort!

Nothing is more annoying than delayed luggage when you are travelling with a connecting flight. When you are so ready to change into the tropical clothes and jumping to the swimming pool but your clothes haven’t arrived yet. Make sure you packed at least a piece of swimsuits and 2 beach outfits ready on your carry on. Remember that the Nusa Dua resort has four freshwater pools in the premise! Even when your flight is direct, you would be happy to have you beach essentials ready without having to unload the suitcase right after arrival. 

Beach coverup—it will come handy

Beach coverup are great to have especially when you need to run back from the beach to your room to grab something. It’s also very useful when you want to have lunch in the resort’s restaurant after plunging at the pool. 

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Some pieces of evening wears to dine at the Nusa Dua resort

Packing for Holidays at Nusa Dua Resort!

One of the best thing from staying at a beach resort is the evening dining! It’s one of a kind experience. Whether you are going to enjoy the fine dining with your special ones or looking for a date in the resort, you’ll want to wear something nice. Pack two or three outfit to dress up for this. 

Some active wears for island excursion

You are going to stay in Bali. Even though the Nusa Dua resort has pretty private beaches right at its doorstep, there are so many things in the island to explore! You have rice paddies and hill trekking in Ubud, water sports at Tanjung Benoa, dozens of touristy “Pura” temples spread on the islands, dive sites, and hundreds other things to do! Prepare your active wear for the excursions!

Una bella città: Welcome to Italy!

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Una bella città: Welcome to Italy!

People have visited Italy for centuries, but the first to visit the peninsula for tourist reasons were aristocrats during the Grand Tour, starting in the late 17th century and flourishing in the 18th century. Rome, as the capital of the powerful and influential Roman Empire, attracted thousands of people from across the empire to the city and the country. Traders and merchants came to Italy from different parts of the world. Italy is the fifth most visited country in terms of international tourist arrivals.

People mainly visit Italy for its rich culture, cuisine, history, fashion and art, beautiful coastline and priceless beaches, mountains and ancient monuments. Italy also contains more World Heritage sites than any other country in the world. There are a lot of tourist destinations to visit here in Italy!

Piazza del Duomo

Una bella città: Welcome to Italy!

The piazza del Duomo is with the piazza della Signoria and the Ponte Vecchio, the most important tourist place of Florence in Tuscany in Italy, with its trilogy of historical monuments in green, red and white marble, classified as World Heritage of Humanity: the 4th century Baptistery of St. John, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and the 13th century Giotto’s Campanile. This museum has 3 floors and 25 different rooms. The dome of the dome is a cathedral decorated with the design of Brunelleschi.

Palazzo Vecchio

Una bella città: Welcome to Italy!

The Palazzo Vecchio is the town hall of Florence, the capital of Tuscany in Italy. This palace-fortress, in the form of a parallelepiped located in Piazza della Signoria, is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. It runs alongside the Loggia dei Lanzi and the Uffizi. This military style building, with its 308 foot tower, is truly charming. See also the beauty of the frescoes on the walls of the Medici family. According to the people of Florence, Pallazo Vecchio is considered a symbol of the power of the people, because the palace was built after the collapse of the Ubert Gibelline tower.

In this palace you will find many ornamental paintings on the walls of this palace. The ornamental paintings were painted directly by Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo Buonarroti, two of Florence’s most famous artists.


Una bella città: Welcome to Italy!

Oltrarno is the left bank of the Arno which passes through Florence and its district is called Diladdarno in Florentine. One of the housing estates in Florence which is quite beautiful, like the painting and decorated with different colors. The scenery you can see in a location south of the Arno River includes antique shops, lots of restaurants, and a path made of rocks. Oltrarno is a region rich in art and culture. In fact, here you can also buy old and artistic works of art by artists made by hand or with the help of technology. The city is indeed very proud of the artistic side of each building. Even if you visit the cafes and restaurants, the artistic undertones will surely be there.

Komodo Snorkeling: What to See and Expect

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Snorkeling in Komodo: What to See and Expect

Healthy reef structures with abundant tropical fishes, macro life, mantas, turtles, and sharks have become the signature of Komodo’s sensational underwater. The dragon-populated, far flung region is Indonesia’s another underwater jewel. A pristine part of world’s acclaimed coral triangle which is overflowing with planktons and rich marine biodiversity. Komodo is home to more than a thousand species of tropical fish and 260 coral species. It’s also a safe sanctuary for rarer saltwater creatures like the pygmy pink seahorses, dugongs, the endemic sea apples, the protected green and hawksbill turtles, and many other animals. Komodo gives a rewarding snorkeling and diving experiences for all marine enthusiast. It also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a protected are under Indonesia’s conservation laws which keep the ocean brimming with life.

Coming to snorkel in Komodo? Here’s few things you can see and expect in this unspoiled national park.

Water Temperature for Snorkeling in Komodo

Snorkeling in Komodo: What to See and Expect

Komodo’s clear, turquoise blue sea is ever so inviting—encouraging anyone to take a plunge to the refreshing saltwater ocean. Being in the tropical country means that the water temperature is quite warm. The southern part of Komodo often goes around 22–24°C, while the northern part is generally warmer at around 25°C.

Safe Snorkeling Zone in Komodo

When you want to snorkel in Komodo, you don’t want to pick up just any site. The Komodo is basically a meeting point between the Pacific and Indian Ocean which results in strong currents in the region. Even divers generally require an advanced open water certificate to be able to explore more dive sites in Komodo. Snorkelers, who are not as heavily equipped as divers should be more careful on picking a safe yet rewarding snorkeling sites in Komodo. Choose sites that are close to the land (shallower depth and slower currents), warm enough to snorkel just in swim-wear, and are blooming with life. Some of the best sites to snorkel in Komodo are the Manta Point, Turtle City, Pink Beach, Batu Bolong, Pengah Reefs, and China Shop.

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Marine Life to See

Snorkeling in Komodo: What to See and Expect

In such plankton-rich water and healthy ecosystem, marine life in Komodo is thriving! The underwater displays endless arrays of busy fishes, passing pelagic, and lively macros. There are so much things to see in this busy ocean!

  • Manta Rays: Available at Manta Point and generally present almost all year long!
  • Turtles: Almost every dive/ snorkel site in Komodo is graced with the sea turtles. However, they are the easiest to be found in Turtle City, Siaba Kecil, Siaba Besar, Batu Bolong, and Tatawa Besar.
  • Dolphins: Travelers favourite! Friendly dolphins will definitely light up anyone’s day. They are commonly spotted in Castle Rocks, though they might popped up unexpectedly at other sites!
  • Underwater Caves: Who says snorkelers can’t experience underwater caves? Komodo has one of the best. Head to Pengah Reef to see one of the shallowest, vibrant underwater caves, covered in blooming corals. There’s no shortage of fishes in this site which makes Komodo snorkeling feels like a real-life aquascape.
  • Fish Explosion and Coral Reefs: Batu Bolong is yet among snorkelers’ favourite in Komodo and that’s for a valid reason. It’s one of underwater signature in Komodo—and a landmark, in that matter—both for its unique peninsula and otherworldly environment. The Batu Bolong, literally translated as “hole in a rock” was a small rocky peninsula rising on the surface of the ocean, which descend into 70 meters deep down into the blue. This site is raved for the spectacular coral reefs formed on the rock and the fish explosion on the surrounding. Snorkeling in Batu Bolong guarantee a magical underwater experience. Due to the strong currents, however, snorkeling here should be carried on carefully. Only experienced snorkelers should be allowed to snorkel here, accompanied with a licensed guide.

Are you ready to experience the flourishing world of Komodo’s underwater?

Discover New York: The Most Visited City in the World

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Architecturally, New York has famous buildings in different forms. Among them, Woolworth Building (1913), a neo-Gothic skyscraper built with great Gothic details. In 2008, New York City recorded a record number of tourists, totaling more than 47 million people, and their spending contributed $ 32.1 billion to the city’s economy, which also constitutes a record. Since the recovery of the American economy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has set the goal of breaking the record in 2012 by attracting more than 50 million tourists. Here are some New York destination sites that you can explore while on vacation

Theater District

Discover New York: A city most visited around the world

The Theater District is the bustling heart of Midtown West. In the pedestrian squares of Times Square, costumed characters attract busy passers-by under the flashing lights of the imposing digital panels. Locals and tourists alike congregate on the huge red staircase above the TKTS kiosk, where tickets to Broadway shows in historic theaters can be purchased. The bustling 42nd Street is full of chain stores and restaurants. While Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s favorite tourist attractions, New York also has the Theater District. Although this one is not a tourist spot in New York, this intersection is the most popular tourist destination if you are in New York. Taking photos with colorful billboards and tall buildings is common among tourists here. This vehicle-free zone offers shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and other entertainment venues.

Fifth Avenue

Discover New York: A city most visited around the world

A major thoroughfare in the center of the borough of Manhattan in New York City. It runs along Central Park to the east and runs through the center of Midtown. Like Oxford Street in London or the Champs-Élysées in Paris, it is one of the best known routes in the world. It is bordered by many parks and historic buildings, and is one of the main symbols of New York’s wealth. Fifth Avenue is still one of the most expensive avenues in the world, competing in New York with Park Avenue, bordered along its entire length of green spaces. It is difficult to classify the avenues in real value terms due to the fluctuations in exchange rates that put the streets of Paris, London and Tokyo at the top of the charts. The commercial section of Fifth Avenue is thus ranked second most expensive space in the world in terms of price per square meter for commercial premises, behind Sloane Street in London.

Madison Avenue

Discover New York: A city most visited around the world

An avenue in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. One-way, it runs from south to north of Madison Square Park, at 23rd Street at Madison Avenue Bridge at 138th Street. It crosses the Midtown, Upper East Side, Spanish Harlem and Harlem neighborhoods.

Engaging Kids Activities at Nusa Dua Family Resort in Bali

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When looking for family-friendly resorts in Nusa Dua one of the things parents must pay attention to is whether they have great kids activities that can engage your kids. Kids-club or programs that can be accessed daily is a great way for your kids to have their own time outside of bonding with their parents, make friends, and have fun. Here are some of the programs you can look for Nusa Dua family resort are as follows; 

Stay worry-free at Nusa Dua family resort 

Engaging Kids Activities at Nusa Dua Family Resort in Bali

Having kids activities ready in your Bali resort doesn’t mean that you’re neglecting time with your little ones on a family vacation. In fact, investing on a resort with a dedicated kids-program is giving your kids a treat they otherwise wouldn’t get at home. Those who need a time away aren’t just adults, your kiddos need a time they can enjoy by themselves too, without you hovering over them all the time. 

Cooking class for your kids 

Kids love cooking classes! Curious time at the kitchen may not be everyone’s daily activities at home. Afterall, many parents won’t allow their kids to go near the stove or use the knives. But your kids will be able to get creative with professional supervision, and be able to enjoy themselves doing something fun, and creating something in the process with the Nusa Dua family resort kids program. From pizza-making to creating some simple Balinese dishes, your kids will love it. 

Outdoor picnics

Engaging Kids Activities at Nusa Dua Family Resort in Bali

Picnics are always a fun way to get your kids to engage with nature and with each other. Having a great time outdoor is both great for relaxation and adventures for your little ones. Not only that, your kids will also be able to interact with fellow kids. It’s a good time for your kids, because they also need a time away just to be with people their age and not just stuck with adults. 

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Surf lessons for kids

What’s Bali without surfing? One of the delights of staying in Bali family resort is being able to let your kids experience surfing for the first time. Some hotels provide learning how to surf experience. Your kids will be taught how to surf with a professional instructor, with all equipments and wetsuit included in the Bali family resort extra fee. Parents or guardians are often encouraged to join! 

Computer time for kids

Convenient and sure to capture your kids’ attention, computer facilities in Nusa Dua family resort is a sure way to get your kids busy for some time. They’ll be able to have time playing undisturbed, with staff supervision. It’s a convenient option when the weather isn’t good for outdoor activities. 

Batam, City in Indonesia like the bridge between Singapore!

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Batam, a small island in the Indonesian archipelago of Riau, is located in the South China Sea. Quickly accessible by boat from Singapore, Batam is a free zone with several lively ports. The island is also known for its beaches, nightlife and duty free shopping. Nagoya, the main city, offers a lively atmosphere. The luxury resorts on the Nongsa coast invite clients to perfect their swing and try their hand at water sports (windsurfing, parasailing and personal watercraft). It looks like Batam is a tourist town, we go there to discover it!

Batam park center

It is at the center of the government of the city of Batam. This area is very beautiful and well appointed. Many office buildings, places of worship and various shopping centers that you can enjoy near this square. No wonder more and more tourists are visiting the place to relax while capturing the beautiful moments here.

Batam Great Mosque

batam great mosque indonesia travel

This mosque is the pride of the inhabitants of Batam. This mosque is a tourist place in Batam because more and more tourists come here for several reasons. In addition to worship, tourists come here because this mosque has a unique architectural side due to the shape of the pyramid-shaped dome. In addition, you can also enjoy the natural beauty of Batam City through this mosque.

Ocarina theme park

This tourist attraction is located on Jalan Bunga Raya, Sadai, Bengkong, Riau Islands. This circuit is a 40 hectare playground vehicle comprising a variety of complete facilities, including swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, flying fox equipped with a giant or Chinese wheel, a 3D movie theater , a trampoline and an aquatic area which is intended for visitors who love the world of photography. One of the most favorite rides in this place is the bubble bath which gives the feeling of bathing as usual. In addition, there is also a very large windmill here.

Nongsa Beach

This white sand and clear water beach is located in the northeast part of Batam City. In addition, one of the factors that make this beach crowded with travelers is that it is located in an integrated tourist area, which has resulted in an increasing number of resorts in this coastal region. With the existence of the resort, you do not need to have difficulty finding accommodation close to your tourist destination. No wonder more and more tourists from Singapore are coming here, as the facilities are very comprehensive.

The town of Marina

Marina City is often called a dead city. This was due to the large number of buildings abandoned by the locals. Marina City is located in Tanjung Riau, Sekupang, Batam. She was celebrated by night activity.

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Space-saving Home Furniture Yogyakarta Ideas

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Furnishing your home when space is short is a challenge. Many of us are in the same boat and looking for efficient home furniture Yogyakarta quality pieces that are durable and would serve their purposes well. But where to start? 

Think storage for home furniture yogyakarta 

Storage is one of the primary functions of furniture, and when it comes to space-saving, this is the one function that you should look into. Once you’ve eliminated the clutter and trim down your possession, it’s time to look into creating better storage spaces for your items. 

Bed frames with storage space

home furniture yogyakarta

Those who find themselves extremely limited in space would thank the brilliant storage space under the bed. A bed takes up the most space in your room by default; so imagine how much storage you could have that’s otherwise “dead” or occupied. When choosing this type of bed frame, go for the highest quality one that you can find, made of solid wood, or at least 9 layers of plywood. Don’t go for metal ones, as they creak over time and generally aren’t suitable for bed necessities. 

Rotating bookshelves

interior furniture yogyakarta

It doesn’t sound much, but these nifty book storages only take up a tiny corner of your room. It’s a pretty awesome furniture in Yogyakarta – you don’t need an entire cabinet that takes up the entire wall. A pillar-like shelf for your favourite collections can suffice. It helps that books aren’t generally fragile items like porcelain cups, therefore the rotating construct of the shelves generally works out great. It’s certainly a worthy consideration for home furniture yogyakarta amidst many options. 

Treasure chest coffee tables

furniture yogyakarta coffee table

One of the most idiosyncratic pieces of furniture that you could have for your living room is a treasure chest – that doubles as a coffee table, of course. Not only does it look quirky, but it can also be a good conversation starter.

Treasure chest aside, coffee tables that double as storage has been a widely popular home furniture Yogyakarta options for those looking to save space. And it doesn’t have to have a treasure chest as a shape; it can even be something like an ottoman as a coffee table replacement; it can be an extra seating as well, especially handy for those who are living with families. 

Think vertical

While horizontal spaces are limited, many of us turn to the vertical alternatives; making the most of our walls. Obviously, there’s a limit to this. But when space is extra limited and having something like a garden sounds like a luxury to you, turn to vertical gardening. You may need extra furnitures, or even permanent fixtures depending on your needs and preferences, but going vertical is certainly one of the most creative moves you can do for your living space. 

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Top Business Risks You Should Be Cautious Of

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Regardless of what your business is, risks are always there ready to challenge you. There are risks that can be avoided or prevented. Some of them can be minimized or reduced. There are also business risks that are manageable to deal with. Risk management is part of essentials in order to build successful business. In every decision you make for your business, there is always risk you need to calculate. However, there are also global business risks you should be cautious of today.

Top Business Risks You Should Be Cautious Of

Business risks to be alerted with

Some risks are hidden and some are so clear to identify. Regardless, risk management is important factor to be successful in running your business. Data collection, analysis, extraction and execution are important processes in managing risks. And here are the most alerted business risks you should be aware of today.

Changes in economy

Changes in economy are not something new but those can cause major risks for your business. The recovery of the global economy is predicted to be modest this year. However, it is still followed by risks of a downturn. It is important for you to monitor economic changes and see the effects they cause to your own business. The changes in economy often cause various global issues such as unemployment, income inequality, debt, and more. Those influence consumer behavior which affect your business.

The cyberattacks

Top Business Risks You Should Be Cautious Of

Cyberattacks are also risks you should not underestimate especially when our business involves technology. There are many factors that contribute to the lack of cyber resilience such as IT failure, human errors, etc. Data breach is the most common cyber attack experienced by various businesses regardless of the industry. It is important for you to start creating recovery plan to maximize your business cyber security.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters are also part of most alerted risks for business. You must aware of various natural disaster currently happening in various parts of the world today such as bushfires in Australia. Aside from fire, heatwave is also one of the most dangerous natural disaster you should be cautious of. Your business is not only affected by the economic changes because climate risk also plays huge role in causing costly damage. You have to start paying more attention to taking wise decision about your business location and supply chains design.

The shift of politics

Politics also play huge role in increasing your business risks. Politic affects our lives in general. It can cause many issues such as instability in economy. Everything related to politics including election, scandals, controversy, campaigns, affect business flows. Not to mention that changes in regulations also affect the business. It may affect differently depending on the level of the business.

Human struggle

Another risk that potentially affect business is human struggle. Your business still involves human regardless of how advanced the technology has become today. However, they are still human no matter what. They experience struggles in life that affect their productivity at work. There are many issues people have to deal with. One of the most damaging issues is mental health. It is reported to be the main cause of missed work days.

How to Stick to Your Diet While Travelling on Komodo Cruise

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Ah, travelling and diet. One just cannot simply to stick to their diet during a vacation, do they? It’s a real challenge to keep your faith on balanced diet and healthy body when you are constantly tempted with decadent sweets, deep-fried street foods, full-fat diners, or instant noodles. Sticking to heathy diets on-the-go is definitely not easy, especially when you are sailing on exotic, faraway lands such as the Komodo, Indonesia. Sailing on Komodo cruise during the holiday means you will be indulged with arrays of local to international foods, ranging from Japanese sushimi to Italian seafood pasta. However, maintaining a healthy diet while onboard is not entirely impossible. With little preparation and a lot of discipline, you can prevent yourself from bloating, overeating, or ultimately drastically weight gain distress. Here’s what you can do.

How to Stick to Your Diet While Travelling on Komodo Cruise

Pack Your Own Healthy Snack to the Komodo Cruise

With all the diving, snorkelling, trekking, and thrilling walks with the Komodo Dragon, it’s easy to feel hungry out of your meal time. You’ll want snack. An energy-replenishing snack, a leisure time in-between snack, pre-dinner snack, and all the sort. If you know you’ll be snacking, better prepare yourself with healthy snack from home that you know you won’t be guilty to eat. String cheese, unsalted almonds, granola bars, and grain crackers are easy to obtain and to pack.

Ask for Menu Plan Before Departure

A lot of Komodo cruise allow passengers to get information about meal plan or menu during the sailing trip. This is your chance to see how the cruise menu fits your diet. Some cruises allow personal menu alteration/ adjustment based on special diet or religious restrictions.

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If You Can’t Tailor It, Make Adjustment

If you can’t tailor your own meals during the sailing trip, improve on what you can do. During the breakfast, pass on the processed rolls and don’t take any unfamiliar non-butter spread for your sandwich. Ask for menu of the day and see If you can request any deep-fried foods to be grilled instead—just for you. Swab the famous banana fritters snacks with sliced fresh fruits and veggies.

Resist on Indulging Yourself on Every Meal in the Komodo Cruise

How to Stick to Your Diet While Travelling on Komodo Cruise

Here comes the hardest part of being on a cruise holiday. Since meals are all-inclusive in Komodo cruise, every meal is prepared at its best. The cruise’s chief chef use every meal time onboard to show off their culinary skills. Each meal is either a representation of local delicacies or a brilliant interpretation of international food. Limit yourself on how many times you can indulge on the decadently delicious foods—don’t be too hard on yourself. Just make sure that your meals include balanced protein, veggies, carbs, and healthy fats.

Keep Yourself Hydrated to Avoid Over Snacking

The Komodo is very hot and you will be either be directly under the sun, trekking the steep hills, or swimming in the saline water. You will need water, a lot. Now, having enough water in your body is key to keep fit during the vacation and stay on healthy diet. When you become dehydrated, your body sometimes misinterpret it as hunger and lead you to cravings. Whenever you feel like snacking, try drinking water and see if the hunger is persistent.