Valuable Cooking Techniques You Can Learn From These Dishes

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There is nothing wrong with eating out or ordering a takeout. However, it will be beneficial if we have a pinch of cooking skill that can help us survive this harsh life. Being able to make decent food can help a lot when you are not able to eat out or order a takeout. Also, keep in mind that cooking skill can be learned. Many people are not born with the skills yet they can become good cooks just through self-teaching or attending formal culinary academy. 

Female hands cutting vegetables on cuttiing board - woman preparing a healthy meal to boost the immune system

Dishes that help develop your cooking techniques

To be able to cook at least with the basic techniques, you need to keep practicing. You don’t have to try out recipes from five-star restaurant. You can start with simple recipes with the ingredients easy to find. Through these dishes, you will learn some basic techniques that you can also apply to other recipes.


French omelette on a cutting board. Omelette in French with grated cheese and parsley on a green cutting board. Dietary omelette with herbs for breakfast. Dish of eggs, cheese and greens is omelet

Omelette is one of the most common dishes people love for breakfast. It seems simple enough to make an omelette but not many people can make perfect omelette that is buttery, soft, and a perfect amount of runny-ness. To make a better omelette, you need to cook it low ans slow. The best to cook it is using non-sticky pan so it is easier for you to flip it over. Also, try not to no over whisk your eggs so less air added into it. The last is to use butter instead of oil. 

Pasta Aglio e Olio 

close up of fresh aglio olio linguine with king prawns and cheery tomato and herb sauce, served on a wodden table with crockery

This is a dish that once was trending on social media. There are cooking techniques you can learn from this dish. You will learn how to cook pasta perfectly and how to saute garlic without burning it. To get the best texture of the pasta, you need to cook al dente. It means, do not over boil it. To add more flavor, add a pinch of salt to the pasta. Use low to medium-low fire to cook the garlic to not burn it. It will also help alleviate the flavor of it without overdoing it. 

Fried rice

fried rice with egg and shrimp

This dish can be found almost everywhere from five-star restaurants to street vendors. There are also many different versions of it. One of the most popular and delicious fried rice is Nasi Goreng from Indonesia. Fried rice is easy to make and be your life saver when you are hungry and don’t know what to cook. To make a better fried rice, use day-old rice and break it up before frying. Add eggs and some spices or herbs to make it taste even better. 


Hot Homemade Corn Chowder in a Bowl

Soup is a comfort food you can enjoy literally anytime, especially when you are sick. To make a better soup. Always make a double batch than what you need so you can freeze it later for a go-to meal in the future. Use low heat to cook it so that the vegetables won’t turn too mushy. Cook each ingredients separately because each one of them may take longer or faster to cook than the others.