Tips to Eat while Travelling in Indonesia

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Indonesia is one of the most desired travel destinations in South East Asia. The country is large and the density of population is also one of the highest. There are many places to explore along with culture diversity. Indonesia is also one of major destinations for foodies since this country is home to various spices and herbs which make the foods are more savory and inviting. Since the cultures in Indonesia are somewhat different than others, it is recommended to know more about them before leaving your home to visit the country.

There are various foods you can try while travelling in Indonesia. Aside from the original ancestors, Indonesian cultures including its culinary have been influenced by other cultures such as Chinese, Indian, etc. This has influenced how Indonesia people cook their meals and how to add spices to their dishes in some points. About eating food Indonesia, there are different places you can try. Here are some of them:

  • In Indonesia, you will find out about kaki lima. If you translate it to English it becomes foot five. However, kaki lima means street food carts selling various kinds of food. Thus, you will find lots of street foods if you visit Indonesia just like in other countries. The street foods are cheap and easy to find. Most Indonesian people enjoy their meals in the street food carts. There are various street food carts you can try so you will run out of the option.
  • The next place to try out Indonesia foods is at Warung Makan. It is usually a family-owned eatery which spills over to Indonesia. Almost in every place you go to, you will find eateries. They serve various dishes but mostly sell specialties of the region. Foods served in Warung Makan are usually cooked ahead of time. Thus, you can just order what you want through the available menu and you will be able to eat them right away without waiting for too long. The price is relatively cheap as well.
  • Next favorite public eating place in Indonesia is Padang Restaurants. They serve foods originated for West Sumatra which is why they are called “Padang”. Even though they serve Padang cuisines, Padang Restaurants can be found in almost every region in Indonesia. In fact, you can even find Padang Restaurant in the neighbor country of Indonesia, Singapore. The restaurant has all-you-can-eat-buffet style. One of the foods served is Rendang, which is has been claimed as one of the most delicious foods in the world.

The places mentioned above are what majority of Indonesia people choose of where to eat out. Most restaurants in Indonesia always served side dishes such as krupuk, fried eggs, and fresh vegetables. There is also authentic condiment loved by almost all Indonesia called sambal. It is chili condiments and every region has their own version of it. Most people in Indonesia will feel incomplete if they eat without sambal. It is just like how Korean people like to include kimchi in any kind of food they eat.