The Recipe To Be A Good Traveler

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It is important to be a good traveler because it affect not only you but also the place you visit, as well as the people you meet during. Keep in mind that being a good traveler doesn’t mean you have to stay quiet when treated poorly by the person you don’t know. Standing up for yourself is necessary especially when you are solo travelling. It is about exuding positive attitude and behavior during travel. 

Secret recipes to be a good traveler

The first ingredient is be nice to everyone. Sometimes you are in a rush running to the airport that just generally have a bad day. It is so tempting to just take all your stress on the nearest person. Screaming or bumping other people just because you are feeling justified to do so doesn’t make you a good traveler, or person at that. Hence, try your best to be nice to everyone you meet during your trip regardless of how stress you are or how different the people are from you. 

Do not annoy or disturb the wildlife regardless of the reason. Keep in mind that animals are part of out ecosystem. They are needed to keep the balance. Their natural habitat should be protected instead of disturbed. When you are visiting a natural habitat full of animals, let them be. Do not pet them, feed them or approach them to get a cool selfie. Even if you visit a zoo, do not disturb the animals by banging on the glass or dangling things into their cages just for the sake of your entertainment. 

It is best to dress appropriately. Modest clothing is more recommended because it is safe to wear regardless of the destination. Some destinations have stricter rules in what to wear than others. As a visitors, you must follow the rules even if it is not the culture or tradition you have at home. Tailoring your wardrobe to suit the rules of your destination is one of the ways to show your respect. By dressing modestly, you have little to no chance of encountering problems during your visit. 

Do not take secretive photos especially with the purpose to social shaming the people you think ‘interesting’. You don’t want your picture to be posted on the internet unknowingly especially with bad purpose. Hence, do not do it to other people. Even if you want to take the pictures not for bad reasons, always ask permission before. 

Pack a nice amount of patience and tolerance for your trip. There are many things on the road that can grate your nerves. However, sometimes they are inevitable. Instead of channeling your frustration through screaming or yelling, take a deep breath. Also, your tolerance may need to be up during travel because you may meet different people with their own character and upbringing. Instead of judging or making a confrontation, you can take your interaction as a learning experience that maybe useful in the future.