Komodo Snorkeling: What to See and Expect

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Snorkeling in Komodo: What to See and Expect

Healthy reef structures with abundant tropical fishes, macro life, mantas, turtles, and sharks have become the signature of Komodo’s sensational underwater. The dragon-populated, far flung region is Indonesia’s another underwater jewel. A pristine part of world’s acclaimed coral triangle which is overflowing with planktons and rich marine biodiversity. Komodo is home to more than a thousand species of tropical fish and 260 coral species. It’s also a safe sanctuary for rarer saltwater creatures like the pygmy pink seahorses, dugongs, the endemic sea apples, the protected green and hawksbill turtles, and many other animals. Komodo gives a rewarding snorkeling and diving experiences for all marine enthusiast. It also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a protected are under Indonesia’s conservation laws which keep the ocean brimming with life.

Coming to snorkel in Komodo? Here’s few things you can see and expect in this unspoiled national park.

Water Temperature for Snorkeling in Komodo

Snorkeling in Komodo: What to See and Expect

Komodo’s clear, turquoise blue sea is ever so inviting—encouraging anyone to take a plunge to the refreshing saltwater ocean. Being in the tropical country means that the water temperature is quite warm. The southern part of Komodo often goes around 22–24°C, while the northern part is generally warmer at around 25°C.

Safe Snorkeling Zone in Komodo

When you want to snorkel in Komodo, you don’t want to pick up just any site. The Komodo is basically a meeting point between the Pacific and Indian Ocean which results in strong currents in the region. Even divers generally require an advanced open water certificate to be able to explore more dive sites in Komodo. Snorkelers, who are not as heavily equipped as divers should be more careful on picking a safe yet rewarding snorkeling sites in Komodo. Choose sites that are close to the land (shallower depth and slower currents), warm enough to snorkel just in swim-wear, and are blooming with life. Some of the best sites to snorkel in Komodo are the Manta Point, Turtle City, Pink Beach, Batu Bolong, Pengah Reefs, and China Shop.

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Marine Life to See

Snorkeling in Komodo: What to See and Expect

In such plankton-rich water and healthy ecosystem, marine life in Komodo is thriving! The underwater displays endless arrays of busy fishes, passing pelagic, and lively macros. There are so much things to see in this busy ocean!

  • Manta Rays: Available at Manta Point and generally present almost all year long!
  • Turtles: Almost every dive/ snorkel site in Komodo is graced with the sea turtles. However, they are the easiest to be found in Turtle City, Siaba Kecil, Siaba Besar, Batu Bolong, and Tatawa Besar.
  • Dolphins: Travelers favourite! Friendly dolphins will definitely light up anyone’s day. They are commonly spotted in Castle Rocks, though they might popped up unexpectedly at other sites!
  • Underwater Caves: Who says snorkelers can’t experience underwater caves? Komodo has one of the best. Head to Pengah Reef to see one of the shallowest, vibrant underwater caves, covered in blooming corals. There’s no shortage of fishes in this site which makes Komodo snorkeling feels like a real-life aquascape.
  • Fish Explosion and Coral Reefs: Batu Bolong is yet among snorkelers’ favourite in Komodo and that’s for a valid reason. It’s one of underwater signature in Komodo—and a landmark, in that matter—both for its unique peninsula and otherworldly environment. The Batu Bolong, literally translated as “hole in a rock” was a small rocky peninsula rising on the surface of the ocean, which descend into 70 meters deep down into the blue. This site is raved for the spectacular coral reefs formed on the rock and the fish explosion on the surrounding. Snorkeling in Batu Bolong guarantee a magical underwater experience. Due to the strong currents, however, snorkeling here should be carried on carefully. Only experienced snorkelers should be allowed to snorkel here, accompanied with a licensed guide.

Are you ready to experience the flourishing world of Komodo’s underwater?