Know What To Avoid For Safe And Comfortable Travel Overseas

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Travelling overseas brings so much joy and excitement because you expect new experience from many aspects such as from different culture, language, environment, people, etc. However, travelling to unfamiliar places expose you to high risks. The lack of information or knowledge about the place you are going to visit will make yourself more vulnerable. However, it should not stop you from being brave to explore the world since you can learn what to do to stay safe during international travel.

Things to avoid when planning on travel overseas

Travelling overseas opens up more opportunity for you to learn something more. You will learn about diversity, showing empathy, and respect differences. You have opportunity to experience many new things you have never imagined before. To make your travel overseas smooth and safe, here are things to avoid:

Neglecting safety

Safety always come first regardless the situation you are in. When travel to unfamiliar country, you need to do your own research in advance. Find out more about the local culture, and overall safety recommendations. Read travel warnings and bans so you know what to expect if you visit the place. This way, you can make plan of where to go, where to eat, where to get help in case of emergency, etc. 

Sharing your vacation plan on social media

Avoid oversharing about your vacation overseas in social media because it may fire you back. Do not post anything related to your travel plan such as your itinerary. It will put you at risk because people know where you are going. If the information falls to the wrong person, you might become a target of crime. 

Eating everything and anything

While it is exciting to try and taste different foods and drinks overseas, it is not recommended to do so because you may out yourself in danger. Always be mindful when choosing foods to eat. Make sure the vendor that sell the food is clean. Choose a vendor with long line because it offers ore fresh foods and you know it is the local’s favorite so it is safe to try. Avoid drinking tap water before you know for sure it is safe.

Disrespecting the local culture

it is a must that you pay respect to the local culture regardless how different it is with what you believe. Respect the people you meet during the trip and stay humble. Do not make any snide comments or provocative remarks. Always abide by the rules when visiting monuments, landmarks, historic sites, sacred places, or religious sites. 

Being ignorant to the environment

Keep in mind that you might leave footprint since travelling has big impact to the environment. Hence, recognize possible damages caused by mass tourism and be more mindful with the environment. Practice best habits to protect the environment during your trip. Opt for sustainable travel by participating in program to help clean forest or beaches. Or you can start by simple thing such as not littering and staying off popular, overcrowded destinations to help reduce environmental impact.