How To Plan Sustainable Travel For Your Next Trip

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How To Plan Sustainable Travel For Your Next Trip

There are so many things we can do individually to help empower toward greener future. One of so many actions to take is travel sustainably. It is almost impossible to fully stop from travelling especially when we are humans who always have the urge to know and learn something new. Travelling is one of the ways we can do to get to know the worlds more by experiencing it ourselves. The solution is to evolve our approach to travel by doing it more sustainably. 

Planning for sustainable travel

Sustainable travel doesn’t only focus on environmental aspects but it also encompasses social and economic benefits. It is not about attempting to not leave any carbon footprint throughout our trip. It is also about how to support local economic growth and local community. So what can you do to empower yourself and inspire others to travel sustainably?

Avoid overtourism destination

Overtourism is one of the most difficult problems to solve in travel industry. With the growth of social media, people have more power to make a place going viral. It may end up with the place being overcrowded. The effects include damaged properties, facilities, and environments. Hence, it is best to avoid visiting to a place with history of being suffered from overtourism. Choose lesser-known destinations and create your own fun there. 

Transport responsibly and sustainably

The rising of global temperature has direct link to the Co2 emissions. Hence, it is encouraged for travelers to transport more sustainably. Avoid taking multiple flights for a single trip if possible. In fact, it is better to opt for non-stop flight to avoid the heavy use of jet fuel for landings and take-off. There are many alternatives you can choose to get around during your trip such as walking, biking, taking public transportation, or taking train. There are also some airlines today that offer more sustainable and greener flights for conscious travelers. 

Choose sustainable accommodation

Many people suggest to not stay in the hotel when travelling. It can be a great idea but there are also hotels that offer sustainable stay for guests where they provide eco-friendly amenities and give back to the local community by hiring local people as employees. But if you want to avoid staying in the hotel, you might consider a homestay where you stay in one of the locally-owned house during your trip. It is a way for you to also support the local’s economy. Do your own research prior to make sure you will be staying in a safe place. 

Eat sustainably during your trip

During your trip, it is highly recommended that you opt for more sustainable dining options. For example, you can prepare your own foods by buying fresh produce from local farmers. You can also eat at a locally-owned restaurant while getting to know the locals. There is also digital platform for meal booking where the locals invite travelers into their homes for a family-style lunch, dinner, or cooking class. It is such a great experience to have.