How To Focus on Making The Most Of Your Solo Travel

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Travelling alone is not everyone’s cup of team. Many think that travel will be much more fun when you do it with companies be it family, friends, or partner. While it is true to some degree, solo travel can be fun too. Solo travel is not as miserable as many people imagine to be. Yes, solo travel is intensely personal. It is the time when you can try to discover more about yourself. You can use the time to indulge or reflect yourself. And it is thrilling to experience many new things on your own. 

Making the most of your solo travel

Of course, there is the downside too when it comes to solo travel which is being prone to feeling lonely. It is in fact one of the biggest reasons why many people afraid to travel alone. There is fear that people you meet are not going to be so nice. Also, what happen when you fall sick and alone. 

One of the things you can do to feel safer to travel alone is to choose destinations popular with travelers. The places will become a natural meeting place for travelers. The locals are also used to the presence of travelers so they are usually more welcoming and friendly. Especially during peak season, solo travel doesn’t really feel like solo travel. 

To combat loneliness during solo travel, brave yourself to meet people. It can be challenging for the introverts but you will get better at doing so over the time. You can start with a small talk. Or you can offer to take someone’s picture. Or, just eat at the communal breakfast where you can meet other guests or the owners of the place you stay, 

To make the most of your solo travel, you need to feel safe. It is not easy because sometimes you are afraid of letting strangers know that you travel alone. Hence, it is important for you to practice common sense and take caution wherever you are. Be more aware of your surroundings. It is better if you are being more prepared with transports or routes. So you won’t look like a lost duckling. 

Instead of eating alone in your hotel room, why not eating out. Even if you don’t eat on the same tables with others, the feeling of many people can help you combat loneliness. If you feel adventurous, why not sharing a popular dish that’s meant to be enjoyed by groups. You can invite other solo travelers who eat alone for example. 

Try to focus on what makes you happy when travelling alone. Feeling lonely is normal  but you won’t experience it all the time. Therefore, focus on your purpose or goals of the trip. If your purpose is to try new things then do it wholeheartedly. If you aim for self-reflection, do it as you wish. Try to be more connected with your surroundings and enjoy your solo trip to the fullest.