Five Reasons to Love Komodo Liveaboard

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Sailing trip across the Flores sea and around islands of Komodo National Park with Komodo live abroad has become the new it goals. Travelers rave about it. Liveaboard experiences scattered all over blogs and tumblr. Pictures of gorgeous ships glowing in the light of summers overflown your timeline and Pinterest’s board. And the next thing you know, you want it for the next summer trip.

Five Reasons to Love Komodo Liveaboard

Visual appeal aside, a liveaboard experience can be very fulfilling and rewarding. This is some reasons why you will love sailing in Komodo liveaboard right away. 


1. The Scenery

One of the most fun things in a sailing trip is, indeed, the ever changing scenery! And it gets even more awesome in such raw beauty of Flores. The route taken to explore the islands around Komodo National Park is bound to be very scenic; with series of jagged islands that looks like straight from Jurassic Park set. Surrounding the islands are translucent, cyan blue ocean to cool down the eyes. And on top of that, you got clear blue sky stretching to horizon—evoking a sense of travelling in to the edge of the world. Well, it’s sure hard to beat the wonderful scenery once you start sailing on a Komodo liveaboard.

2. More Stability than Speedboat

While speed boat is definitely the fastest way to travel around Komodo (thanks captain obvious), it’s not always the safest. Speed boat can get very rocky in the middle of open sea—particularly when the waves are not feeling friendly. It’s definitely a vehicle you don’t want to get into if you are prone to seasickness. Komodo liveaboard, on the other hand, might be slower, but offers much more stability even in the rougher sea. While it might not necessarily eliminate seasickness stimulants, it has plenty of rooms to find a comfy spot.

3. The Chance to Taste A Bit of Everything in Komodo

Sailing with Komodo liveaboard means you are going have multiple awesome stops along the way. You have the flexibility to see the majestic dragons right in their lair then enjoy panoramic scenery in Padar and see the whole bird-view landscape, just in the next hour. The liveaboard also enables you to “visit” islands where you cannot dock into; the magnificent Kalong island and the pure, pristine white giant sandbar Taka Makassar.

4. The Pleasure to Let Life Pass By—on the Deck

Oh, what can be better than enjoying life when it passes right away on your sides? Onboard a Komodo liveaboard, letting the civilization pass by seems more than a relaxing situation—it almost feel like a privilege. In the middle of whistling winds and raw nature, it’s easy to believe that you are a world away from everything.

6. The Ready-to-Service Komodo Liveaboard’s Crews

One of the best thing to explore the gorgeous Komodo is, definitely, the presence of helpful crews onboard Komodo Liveaboard. Their skilful hands keep the ship sailing smooth, the food deliciously cooked, and the overall space clean and comfy. In more fancy liveaboard, there are even special crew to attend your every need. This simple thing makes sailing holiday become even more enjoyable, don’t you agree?