What You Should Do on The Last Day of Your Trip

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When it comes to travelling, most travelers want it to end dramatically with grand climax. However, it isn’t always like that. In fact, lots of travelers are too exhausted to do anything on the last of their trip. It is not wrong to do anything you like especially on your last day of the trip because it means you won’t have any more time to do anything fun. However, you also need to remember that by the last day of the trip means you need to be prepared with the responsibilities waiting at home and work. However, it also doesn’t mean you can get the best out of the day. You can visit a cafe while strolling down local neighborhood or watch sunset.

What You Should Do on The Last Day of Your Trip


Things to do on the last day of the trip

Every traveler wants their trip to go smoothly by preparing everything thoroughly such as booking everything in advance, packing long before the day of departure, etc. However, gong back home is as important as when you start your trip. You will always need to be prepared and ready so that you can go home safely. Here are things you can do on the last day of the trip:

  • It is important to make sure your phone and other electronics you have are fully charged so that you will be ready to go home. Phone is essential that will help you in many ways, just because you are going to get back home in a few hours doesn’t mean you don’t need it anymore. As long as you are arrive at your home, make sure you are armed with fully-charged phone just in case you face emergency and stuffs.
  • Complete your checkout procedure to the front desk of your hotel where you stay. In most hotel, there is no special procedure except for giving back the key of the room. However, you might as well confirm this to the front desk just in case you need to wait in a long line just before you need to catch your flight.
  • Confirm your transport home to make sure you will arrive safely. If you have a friend that will pick you up at the airport for example, make sure to confirm it just in case they forget about it, especially when you take long trip. If you are going to go home without a friend picking you up, you might as well check the transport you are going to use to make sure they are available and there is undergoing maintenance issue.
  • Find your car keys if you have a car parking somewhere in t=your departure airport so you don’t have to waste your time searching later. It is also important to prepare your travel documents and make sure not to leave anything at the hotel room. You also need to deal with your leftover currency. Then, it is recommended to list things to do when you back at home such as grocery shopping, doing laundry, tending your pet, etc.  


Things to Prepare for Rainy Sailing On Komodo Boat Charter

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Sometimes you can’t just choose the prime time to go into Komodo and embark into those sailing experience. We are all aware that not everyone is lucky to get the chance for all sunny Komodo trips, and sometimes life left you that little slot of time on the most unpopular time of the year to travel. On one side, shoulder season gives cheaper deals that will save a lot of budget. On the other side, however, those shoulder seasons often falls on less-sunny time in Komodo.

Most of Komodo boat charter operators are closed during the heaviest rainfall season, which falls during late January to March. Bad weather makes the sea goes rough, and you should avoid sailing during these time at all cost. Before the rainy weather really kick in, however, a lot of trip are still operating—since the rain might just last for a few hour of the day. And it might be your trip.

So here’s a little tips on what to bring if your chance to visit the Komodo happened to fall during the wet season. The key of sailing in rainy season is layering your clothes. Start with thin clothes and work your way to thicker piece. This way, you can easily remove or add up clothes and get comfortable anytime. 

Things to Prepare for Rainy Sailing with Komodo Boat Charter

What to Pack to Komodo Boat Charter Trip On Wet Season

Raining coat

if your vacancy term falls in rainy months, rainy coat should be among the first thing to pack. Pick a lightweight yet durable rain coat, possibly with bright colour to make it easier to see under the rain.


Windbreaker should be on your on-the-go whenever you are packing for a trip to tropical country, Choose waterproof windbreaker that can endure light rain during the hiking part.

Flip Flops 

You don’t want to slip on your Komodo boat charter when it’s extra wet from the rain, so bringing a rubber sandals will be really helpful. Actually, rubber sandals are always helpful on any season in tropical destination—they are easy to slip on, they are quick to dry, and once it dry, you can easily shake those little grain of beach sands off the sandals. 

Thick Trekking Shoes

If you plan to do trekking on several islands around Komodo Island, however, prepare to bring thick trekking shoes along. Or shoes that you don’t mind to get muddy. Because the trek will get muddy from the rain.

Big Plastic Bags

Cover your backpacks, shoes, camera bag, and any other essential things with plastic bags. You need that to keep your stuffs stay dry.


If you are booking a trip during the wet season, you should come prepared to get one or two trip cancelled due to the rain. In times like this, prepare a good book to keep you accompanied while you are cozying up in your Komodo boat charter comfy cabin, waiting for the rain to pass.

On a side note, there’s something assuring when you are travelling with Komodo boat charter on rainy season, though. With less people on board, you can make sure that the crew is putting their main priority to your comfort and safety.

How to Plan Kid Free Vacation Properly

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Having a vacation is a nice occasion you should cherish when you still can have it. It is often that once you have kids, the opportunity to have nice and peaceful vacation is getting rare. It doesn’t mean having kids make your life miserable. It is that travelling with kids often causes hassle which can make your vacation agenda a little bit stressful. Thus, lots of parents end up not having any vacation at all. However, there are also families who enjoy travelling with kids and do everything to make their family trip less hassle. You can also opt for the third option which is travelling without kids. It doesn’t mean you abandon your kids. You will need thorough preparation to do it. Thus, you are happy, and are your kids.

Planning kid-free vacation the right way

It is not easy or parent to be separated from their kids because of the bond and worry. Thus, it might not be easy for you to plan a kid-free vacation. However, you will need this occasion once in a while to keep your sanity in check. Travelling without your kids doesn’t make you bad parents. You can still make yourself happy without making your kids feel less-loved. So here is what you need to do:

  • Take a baby step. It is highly advised to opt for short trip instead of a full-week cruise vacation. if you choose to take  a long vacation suddenly, it will not make everything alright. You may scare your kids for doing so because they cannot see you for a long time. Thus, it is highly advised to take a short trip to test the water. You can take a full-day vacation and make your kids stay overnight with a grandparent or family friend. They are great place to practice because of the safety. If it goes well, you may have another chance to take longer vacation when you need it.
  • Planning to leave your kids when you have never done it will be hard both for you and your kids. Thus, it is recommended to start early set up the idea of parental travel. Thus, it will become a natural occurrence. The longer you wait for them to be ready, the harder the break is going for both of you.
  • Don’t surprise them by breaking the news out of the blue. Make sure you notify them about your short trip as early as possible. Broach the subject casually so it doesn’t look like you are leaving them. Choose the right tone and word when you inform them. Make sure they understand that you are going for a while not forever. Focus on stating positivity of how fun they are going to be with the activities they will have during your leave. Don’t look too eager when informing of your absence or else they will think you are going to abandon them. Even though it is peaceful to have kid-free vacation, you will also need family trip after all.

Beach Villa Bali, A Greatest Royal Accommodation For Your Holiday

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A dream on vacation or even having a beachfront villa belongs to everyone. The ease of enjoying beach tourism is no longer difficult to realize. Considering coastal tourism destinations, Bali must be included. Tropical island with millions of charms inside can give you the true meaning of life. Bali is full of warmth and hospitality for tourists. For an unforgettable vacation, beach villa Bali is the biggest dream that must be realized.

beach villa Bali

A row of beach villa Bali adds to Bali’s charm. Various luxurious services and facilities are offered to pamper you. Luxury facilities are a bonus for those of you who want to enjoy the comfort, tranquility of a Bali villa. You will not only enjoy the beauty of the beach but also provide experience to every city or village with various attractions and historic sites.

Kuta has been a center of attention for vacationers for years. Kuta is a definite stopover area for tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. For most people, Kuta is the closest stopover from a strategic international airport with a row of shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and luxury villas. Looking for Bali beach villas around the Kuta area is not difficult. There are many offers at incredible prices for a beach villa. Of course, the price will be commensurate with facilities and comfort, if

Another choice of beach villa Bali is in the Seminyak area. Seminyak can be said to have rivaled the popularity of Kuta. Rows of bars, clubs, starred restaurants with international chef menus bring different experiences and sensations from Kuta. The price for a Bali beach villa is certainly much higher than in Kuta. But you will be spoiled with the best facilities and enjoy the greatest royal accommodation while in Bali.

Many reasons why people are so crazy about getting a villa as accommodation. Villa can be said to be a prestige for most people. But for those who need a private vacation, beach villa Bali is the right and perfect accommodation choice. Superior facilities and services are the mainstays of many beach villa Bali. Beach villa Bali is an experience of enjoying a super luxurious, comfortable, and personal holiday for you. Make sure you visit many ancient temples or try meditating at the beach villa Bali. Whatever your holiday destination, the right way to vacation and stay in Bali is at a beach villa.

International Foods to Try Once in Your Life Time When Travelling Overseas

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Exploring and learning is your supposed goals when it comes to travelling abroad. You can do it by trying various foods at every place you visit. It is a great way to open your mind and become more aware of culture diversity around the world.

There are many ways you can enjoy foods while travelling such as by dining in fancy restaurant, sampling at local food festivals, or strolling down food stalls.

International foods to try in a trip - Meze

You can even meet the locals and learn how to make their specialties from them. Who knows maybe you can revive the recipe once you get back home. It can help you to flashback good memories of place you visited.

6 international foods deserve a try during your trip

There are various dishes all over the world and here are foods you need to try at least once in your life time when travelling abroad:

  1. Completo is a hotdog topped with avocado, tomatoes, sauerkraut, and mayonnaise. It is Chilean hotdog but in twice the size of American hotdog. It is already known internationally that Chile is one of the highest avocado producing countries in the world. Thus, it is common to include avocado in various meals when visiting Chile.
  2. Meze is one of the most recommended foods you should try especially when you are visiting Middle East and Mediterranean. It is similar to Spanish tapas. However, Meze is also made and served in various ingredients. It can include labne or strained yoghurt cheese, muhammara or hot pepper dip with breadcrumbs and walnuts, baba ghanoush or seasoned diced eggplant, and many more options.
  3. Kangaroo meat is a must try food when you visit Australia. The benefit of Kangaroo is that it is high in protein and low in fat. It can be roasted, skewered, and many more. To get the best flavor, Kangaroo meat is best cooked medium rare to medium.
  4. Next recommended food to try while travelling abroad is churro. The best place to savor the sweet delicacy is Spain. This crispy pastry is best served with a cup of steaming hot chocolate. Spaniards enjoy churros and hot chocolate for breakfast. This can be a great idea for you to choose the right menu for your breakfast while you are in Spain.
  5. Lobster rolls are a must eat food when you visit USA especially for seafood enthusiast. Lobster rolls are toasted hot dog bun which is lightly buttered then stuffed with claw, knuckle and tail meat of lobster. They are also filled with celery, butter, scallion, mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt, as well as pepper. They are also often served with fries, chips, or pickles.
  6. Spring rolls from Vietnam are already popular. The Vietnamese call it as nem nuong cuon. They are a grilled pork sausage wrapped in rice paper and filled with lettuce, carrot, cucumber, daikon, and mint. They are usually served with special sauce. There is also similar dish called goi cuon. However, it is added with shrimp as basic ingredients along with pork.

When The Best Times To Get Portable Double Hammock?

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Before, I have been posted about the portable double hammock and a touring couple will be the perfect match. You know that you may are dreaming about it as well, right? Who doesn’t really want it knowing that there will be someone accompany you in your trip? And what if that will be the special one for you? That will be the awesome thing to make your life even beautiful.

Many of us have been traveling as a couple, you know it as something you need to get more beautiful experiences with someone you love. Sadly, we are also provided with some of the limitations such as the travel gears and items that can’t be used by the couple (separated usage) or even when you can use the items together, they are too heavy to bring with. That is why the portable double hammock is something that make the dream of couples realized.

When you need to buy the portable double hammock?

Portable double hammock is as light as it needs to be so you won’t be worried about its weight. When you have decided to go out there as the partner or couple in a trip consist of two person, then there will only be one person who are bringing it in the backpack or bag. And the last one person surely will carry the other necessary items.

I know that each of us are capable to make decision for bringing our own hammock, but if you are as the couple, then takes only one portable double hammock is really recommended. It is because you both can use or sleep in it without worry about anything. That’s why it came, it helps people who need to sleep in a hammock that is possible to be used by two person.

So, if you are the type of a guy or girl who are mostly finding yourself traveling as a couple, then it will be the first of the best times to buy your own portable double hammock.

The next thing to concern is that you don’t have to get a boyfriend or the girlfriend first just to get your own portable double hammock. No, it is really doesn’t works like that! Anyone can still buy it even if they have no experiences in romance before, at all. Never limit yourself in it!

You don’t have to think about its size as well since it may a bit bigger than a hammock for a single size, you really don’t. Since it mostly will only differ in the width, so you don’t have to think about who will accompany you inside your portable double hammock. This is really the opposite of the first best times to buy a hammock as I have explained before and for me, I think that what I meant is relevant.

Now, you have known the second best times to get a portable double hammock even though it is really the otherwise of the first point. It is because there may chances that we need more items to be put inside a hammock, so we need more rooms for them.

Even though you are only possible to get a trip once in a month, then you may will use the portable double hammock in your home. You may want to sleep in it once or couple of times in a week to find or make your own comfort.

There may also people who can’t really make a good social life so they can’t invite the other person to join in. It can be the person who has the social introversion that mostly likes to be alone and prefers to get away from the crowd. If you are the type of that introversion guy, try to get your own portable double hammock while thinking that the rest of the rooms besides you is provided for someone. Who ever it is. It is just the simple way to make your self a bit opened from your mind’s point of view and who know it may helps you in the future.

The last point I have just explained can be the three best times to buy the portable double hammock based on our situation and can be the last point for this post. If you have another point of view, you can always telling me anytime.

Tips to Have Slow travel Properly

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You may have experienced extreme exhaustion or fatigue after having a vacation. You take a vacation to have fun and recharge your spirit but it won’t do when you feel more exhausted after. This may be due to the fact that you travel in such a rush. You follow hectic schedule when you are having vacation then moving from one place to another in frantic pace. Well, this will definitely make you feel even more exhausted when you back at home. That is why you might a well consider slow traveling which has become a good option chosen by many travelers these days. In slow travelling, there is no rush or frantic movements. Everything is done slowly and leisurely. Thus, you won’t abuse your body.

Tips to Have Slow travel Properly

Tips for slow travelling

Lots of travelers have proven the magic of slow travel. Thus, more travelers are more curious to find out and experience the art of slow travel themselves. Remember that the magic in slow travelling is not on the destination. It is more like your mindset in being more aware and appreciative of your surrounding at a relaxed pace. Thus, it will open your eyes to see more when you visit new places and you will learn more about the new cultures. You will also be able to form strong connection with the local people as well as the environment. Everything is done in less stressful ways. Here are some tips for you to do slow travel the right way so you can experience the magic of it:

  • First is about accommodation. To go slow travelling, it is highly recommended to choose vacation rentals. It is considered to be more cost efficient than hotels especially slow travel means you need to stay longer. Thus, vacation rental will provide you more spacious and homey vibes which can make you feel comfortable during your stay. Make sure to book it in advance especially if you are going to travel in peak season.
  • Next is about food. Slow travel also means including the spirit of slow food. Thus, it is recommended to buy local ingredients from local market. You can join the locals at fish market in early morning and buy fresh fish to cook. Or, you can also try to visit a place where regional cuisine is served.
  • Next is about transportation. Slow travel doesn’t mean you have to choose slow transportation. However, it is recommended to choose comfortable and efficient transport so you can cut cost or reduce carbon emission. If your destination is within walking distance than it is more recommended reaching it on foot. It is healthier indeed.
  • Next is about preparation. Slow travel is more relaxing because you don’t have to be in a constant rush. However, you need to be aware that you are going to stay longer at your travel destination. Thus, make sure you pack everything you will need. Most travelers take a week to spend for low travelling. It depends on individual preference but be sure that you’ve got everything right.


7 Types of People You Meet in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

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For an avid diver, there no adventure as thrilling as submerging yourself underneath the deep blue sea, swimming against swift currents and gliding through the water with hundreds of fishes. Underwater scenery can get even more vibrant when you dive around Komodo’s world class diving sites, which located right in the heart of coral triangle. The ocean is brimming with chromatic corals, fishes, pelagic, and other exotic creatures who enjoy the protection of the National Park. One of the most popular way to enjoy Komodo’s underwater beauty is by having a multiple day trip with Komodo diving liveaboard.

One of the great thing about having a Komodo trip with liveaboard is that you are given a chance to meet all like minded people from all walks of life who share a same passion for the ocean. But here’s this thing. The thing about being confined on a ship for four to seven days with these people is you are “forced” to know their true color. Some will make a new strong bond, other will make you wish a room to escape. Either way, learning how to interact with these people will improve your diving life aboard experience.

7 Types of People You Meet in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

The First Timer Diver

In any Komodo diving liveaboard, there will likely be at least one first timer diver that’s probably still completing their course. Some diving liveaboard in Labuan Bajo are also operating as a dive center. Their chest is filled with anxiety and excitement all at once. If you are an experienced diver, offers them a little help and guidance—they will really appreciate it.

The Loud Families

Well, with the rare dragon, outlandish beauty, and brilliant water, it’s no surprising that more families are taking their children to a Komodo liveaboard trip. Some of these families, however, happens to be the loudest member of the liveaboard. Especially when the children are running around and squealing with over excitement, and the parents are trying to stop them with high-pitch yelling.

The Geeky Diver

They are the only person on board who constantly throw around decompression theories and complicated terms. It’s not surprising that they happen to own the best diving gadget in the boat.

The Grounded Loner

While the rest of the group are busy bonding, the grounded loner always seems a little bit detached for the rest of the group. They can perform an excellent teamwork underwater, but when it’s time to surface, they are nowhere to be found.  Maybe they love me time so much. Maybe they are just introverted and awkward. Either way, they are probably a solo traveler who rather keep their own company and indulge themselves in relaxing spot of the Komodo diving liveaboard, away from the hustle and bustle of the group.

The Experienced

In any diving liveaboard, there will be at least someone who seems to have dive deeper, travel farther, and know how to handle the water better than anyone else. It’s the experienced diver, and your diving buddy is absolutely one of them! Listen to what they say!

The Young and Living to the Fullest

Ah. No one can deny that the wild Komodo National Park is a magnet for the young and adventurous. They love to start every dive (and trek) with “Yahooo!” and get excited for every activities. These young soul are among the first to accept thrilling challenge, like drift diving or stand up paddling.

The Everybody’s Buddy

There will always be one person who seems like the glue of everyone. They can always find a topic and befriend everyone in the liveaboard in less than six hours. Whenever they are not around, the boat suddenly feels dry. 

Can you identify yourself with one of these type?

Avoid Exceeding Your Plane’s Luggage Weight – Here’s How

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Exceeding your luggage worth restriction is a nothing sort of a nightmarish experience. One solution to this that has always been preached by every travel bloggers known on earth is the two-word magical phrase; packing light! Packing light has been nothing sort of an art form. It sounds simple.

How to avoid exceeding your plane's luggage weight

Bring less, use organizers, use scales, and so forth—but the practice is way more difficult, and well, takes practice. So when the practice of packing light itself is not as easy as it sounds, where do you start in order not to exceed your luggage weight?

Check with your airlines

On top of the international regulation, make sure that you have the specific information. Visiting your airline’s website is usually sufficient to yield you the information you needed. Call your airlines if you’re unsure.

Get the appropriate bag

One of the fastest way to pack lighter is well, to reduce the size of you bag! If you’re used to bringing huge bags, change your habits by changing your bag. The bigger the bag means more room. More room means more urges to fill it with your stuff. More stuff means more weight. And so on. Before you know it, you’re already exceeding your weight limits.

Get a luggage scale

A straightforward way to find out whether you exceed limits. Get a luggage scale that is portable as well. It’d be a good investment to bring on your many travels.

This item may prove to be particularly useful if you especially love shopping and/or plan to shop a lot in your destination.

Even though you did not exceed the luggage weight during your departure to your destination, that does not mean you’re fine during the time going home. The condition of your luggage and the total of your belongings may very well be very different.

Having a luggage scale is going to be very handy in helping you know the exact weight of your luggage; whether you can squeeze more of that souvenir in.

Minimum to no toiletries

Only bring toiletries once you’re sure if the place you’re staying in will not provide it. But even then, consider that you can always buy these items at the nearest mini market in your destination. For items such as razors, toothbrushes, and toothpastes, your hotel or resorts would likely have them, so it’s not necessary for you to bring them.

Don’t bring items “just in case”

This is basically the same as “what-ifs” item—in the end, it’s going to cost you space and impose more weight. Things such as umbrella, that extra piece of clothes (“I don’t know whether I’m going to use it but—just in case!”), and everything that could possibly load your baggage. Just don’t bring it. Have a packing list and bring the most essential ones with you.

Compartmentalize your belongings

Take full advantage of packing organizers such as the packing cubes. They’re going to change the way you travel and pack. Travel organizers have been known to prevent overpacking. They also serve their purposes well in organizing your luggage and would minimize the frustration of digging through the endless lump of stuff and clothes.

Stay Together With Your Group In 8 Bedroom Villa Seminyak

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Did you know that when you are in Bali, you can even get the 8 bedroom villa at Seminyak? What a good news especially for those who are travelling with their family members for a special occasion like the wedding as many travellers have done that. This is also should be the great idea where you won’t worry anymore when visiting Bali with all your friends.

The connecting door and private pools in 8 bedroom villa Seminyak

I don’t know how many people you have came with to Bali before or how many you will bring later, but as you may have thought that you are now have a big place to go.

I won’t give you big expectation that you will later rent such luxury and private resort even if you can affords one. That’s the different thing. So that, I will tell you that it is the interconnected villa where there will be 1, 2, 3 and more bedrooms will be connected and then you will get your own 8 bedroom villa Seminyak.

From my some previous posts, I have been published about this villa that named as the Hu’u Villas Bali. Most of the offers you will get is simply just the 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms villa such other same type accommodations with luxury design.

All the villas are nearby the beach where the Seminyak village itself located. And if you are willing to go to the beach, you will only walk for around some times that won’t even up to 5 minutes. When you are walking to it with your family or friends, I think that will be one of the memorable fun moment right before doing what you are willing to do.

Some travellers are need to be their own self and some are feeling happy when they can be staying together and make a crowd with their best partners. If you are included into the second type, then reserving an 8 bedroom villa at Seminyak will really the perfect deal where there aren’t many such accommodation offer in Bali.

I think it is just like anywhere else in this world where the top 3 accommodation offers based on their bedrooms will only guide you to find the 1 bedroom villa, 2 and of course the 3 bedrooms. I have no idea where else you can get this special interconnected villa that allowing you to have more than 5 bedrooms.

I wouldn’t dare to say that it is the only 8 bedroom villa Seminyak in Bali. But since the concept is still quiet the rare thing as I believe in Bali, then it can be more special to stay in. Simply search for the same or related accommodation on internet, then the options won’t be as many as the top three accommodations as I have mentioned on above.

It can be caused by the travellers themselves that mostly were coming with only a friend or two. Not really can be considered as a group of travellers. Over time, it may hasn’t the same like when the high season is coming. Many people are even visiting with dozens of people in a group. Sometimes, hotel rooms are full booked that seems to be there won’t any place for them to go. And sometimes, they may just need to experience the different stays.

Anyway, since this 8 bedroom villa Seminyak has its own private pool, no need to worry that the pool can be full booked as well. There will always enough rooms in the pool where you can move as you want. It is because each rooms will have their own private pool. This is the interesting thing knowing that a small party with your group can be held besides the pools as well as inside the villa.