Five Reasons to Love Komodo Liveaboard

Sailing trip across the Flores sea and around islands of Komodo National Park with Komodo live abroad has become the new it goals. Travelers rave about it. Liveaboard experiences scattered all over blogs and tumblr. Pictures of gorgeous ships glowing in the light of summers overflown your timeline and Pinterest’s board. And the next thing you know, you want it for the next summer trip.

Five Reasons to Love Komodo Liveaboard

Visual appeal aside, a liveaboard experience can be very fulfilling and rewarding. This is some reasons why you will love sailing in Komodo liveaboard right away. 


1. The Scenery

One of the most fun things in a sailing trip is, indeed, the ever changing scenery! And it gets even more awesome in such raw beauty of Flores. The route taken to explore the islands around Komodo National Park is bound to be very scenic; with series of jagged islands that looks like straight from Jurassic Park set. Surrounding the islands are translucent, cyan blue ocean to cool down the eyes. And on top of that, you got clear blue sky stretching to horizon—evoking a sense of travelling in to the edge of the world. Well, it’s sure hard to beat the wonderful scenery once you start sailing on a Komodo liveaboard.

2. More Stability than Speedboat

While speed boat is definitely the fastest way to travel around Komodo (thanks captain obvious), it’s not always the safest. Speed boat can get very rocky in the middle of open sea—particularly when the waves are not feeling friendly. It’s definitely a vehicle you don’t want to get into if you are prone to seasickness. Komodo liveaboard, on the other hand, might be slower, but offers much more stability even in the rougher sea. While it might not necessarily eliminate seasickness stimulants, it has plenty of rooms to find a comfy spot.

3. The Chance to Taste A Bit of Everything in Komodo

Sailing with Komodo liveaboard means you are going have multiple awesome stops along the way. You have the flexibility to see the majestic dragons right in their lair then enjoy panoramic scenery in Padar and see the whole bird-view landscape, just in the next hour. The liveaboard also enables you to “visit” islands where you cannot dock into; the magnificent Kalong island and the pure, pristine white giant sandbar Taka Makassar.

4. The Pleasure to Let Life Pass By—on the Deck

Oh, what can be better than enjoying life when it passes right away on your sides? Onboard a Komodo liveaboard, letting the civilization pass by seems more than a relaxing situation—it almost feel like a privilege. In the middle of whistling winds and raw nature, it’s easy to believe that you are a world away from everything.

6. The Ready-to-Service Komodo Liveaboard’s Crews

One of the best thing to explore the gorgeous Komodo is, definitely, the presence of helpful crews onboard Komodo Liveaboard. Their skilful hands keep the ship sailing smooth, the food deliciously cooked, and the overall space clean and comfy. In more fancy liveaboard, there are even special crew to attend your every need. This simple thing makes sailing holiday become even more enjoyable, don’t you agree?

Tips to Visit Temples in Thailand

Thailand is home to Buddhist heritage so there are hundreds of Buddhist temples almost everywhere. Some travelers like visiting temples not only to pray but also to appreciate and admire the architecture, the structure, or the history behind them. There are priceless values when visiting temples.

It is not complete if you visit Thailand without visiting the temples. Since there are many of them, you might as well choose two or three temples to visit and not visit many temples in a day. It can cause you to suffer from burnout. You might have difficulties in differentiating one temple to another. That is why it is recommended to take your time looking up details and find out the unique element of every temple. Here is what you need to know about visiting temples in Thailand:

  • Don’t expect to see monks in ever temples you visit. In Thailand, serving as a monk is considered as part of young man’s development. The choice to remain as monk is optional. Thus, it is common to see monks walking around the streets and doing normal activities like using cell phones, playing games in internet cafe, or even smoking. You can interact with them in a friendly way but make sure to show your respect. It is suggested to greet and thank them for their time by giving them higher wai. It is a famous prayer-gesture which includes a slight bow. Don’t argue when they don’t return the gesture since they are not expected to do it.
  • Before entering a temple, make sure to read the rules. There are places in the temple which are for monks only and open for public. Make sure to enter the right place. You can look for things you can usually find near the temple which indicate you are in the right place such as a sign to ask you remove your shoes which usually written in English, donation boxes, and of course other worshippers who are not monks.
  • It is important to know how to acts when you near Buddha images. When you enter the main temple, you need to remove your shoes, avoid stepping on the threshold, walk around sacred objects in clockwise manner only, avoid getting in the way of worshippers, make enough distance before turning your back from Buddha statue, avoid snapping a selfie near Buddha statue, avoid touching sacred objects especially in worship area, be respectful of the way you speak, and make sure not to position yourself higher than the Buddha image. Those are basic etiquette when visiting temple in Thailand.
  • In Thailand, it is offensive to pose for a photo with your back turned to Buddha image. There is no prohibition to take pictures of Buddha image unless there is a sign indicates it. However, it is highly suggested not to take photos while people are praying. If you want to take a photo with the monks, make sure to ask their permission nicely. They are friendly but you still have to respect their privacy.  

Private Ubud Villas, A Unique And Quiet Residence

Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches and white sand. But what is no less stunning is the green scenery in the Ubud area. Ubud is located far from the crowds, but this makes many Ubud villas so calm and memorable. Visiting Ubud is a must if you are on vacation in Bali. Ubud is perfect for refreshing and away from work routines for a while.

Ubud Villas

Staying in Ubud villas does not make you lose the impression that Bali is identical to the beach. In fact, Ubud has become an icon of Bali for a long time. Annual events such as painting exhibition events are always the world’s attention. Until now, Ubud remains a favorite location for domestic or foreign tourists. Finding a villa in Ubud is not as difficult as you think. The high number of tourist visits is offset by the development and construction of accommodation.

bud villas are always a tourist attraction. Most villas in Ubud provide privacy for their guests. Do not be surprised if you find many Ubud villas in the middle of a residential area with a green rice field view. Ubud is not only a destination for rest but also has become a resting place for retired foreigners. They are willing to come and vacation to Bali for weeks, even months to enjoy the atmosphere in Ubud.

There are many villas in Ubud that are offered with various facilities and special services. Many people think that resting in Ubud must be paid at an expensive price. The fact is that Ubud can not only be enjoyed through luxury. There are many Ubud villas that are comfortable and can be found at affordable prices. There are many affordable villas ranging from those on the roadside to remote villages.

Holiday time selection is important. Considering that Ubud is very popular, it is always crowded with tourist visits throughout the year. Ubud has complete tourism facilities and infrastructure. Transportation, accommodation, hangouts, holiday activities, and many other public facilities. If you are looking for Ubud villas in the central area, you will see more cafes, food places, boutiques, and painting galleries.

The natural scenery of the area around Ubud villas gives the best impression on every holiday. There are many food choices that you can enjoy. One that is currently popular in Ubud is a workspace. Imagine their comfort working with views of green rice fields. This is one of the reasons why Ubud has always been a favorite of tourists.

Bamboo as One of the Most Eco-friendly Construction Material

As the sustainable concept is getting widespread and a lot of industries turned to more environmentally friendly methods, the matter of sustainable materials for buildings is a highly important factor to tackle. A number of more environmentally friendly alternatives are discovered, and it’s something highly essential to address. One of those materials is none other than Bamboo. The perennial grass has been a huge rave in the topic of sustainability. It’s one of the best construction materials, and even beyond, where sustainability is concerned. People have been using bamboo for construction for millennia. What are some of the excellent qualities of bamboo as a sustainable material?

Bamboo as One of the Most Eco-friendly Construction Material

Bamboo has a rapid growth rate

Compared to most forest woods, bamboo grows dozen times faster. Bamboo also requires minimum replanting. In terms of growth, bamboo boasts an impressive growth rate. Although the speed and growth varies from species to species, even the slowest growing bamboo is still considerably faster in growth when compared to most wood plants. It’s been reported that bamboo can grow almost one meter in a matter of approximately 24 hours. This is no common feat shared by wood plants often used in building constructions.


Th individual bamboo plants can reach their full height in only three to four months, in which the average height of the bamboo ranges from 5 meters to 12 meters. The impressive growth rate makes bamboo one of the fastest growing plants in the world. The amazingly speedy growth spurt of bamboos don’t stop there. It’s been observed that bamboo reaches maturity in very short period of time of 2 to 5 years, making bamboo some of the multipurpose plants quickest to mature. Because of this, bamboo is a great resource for not just constructions, but many other human necessities as well such as textiles and even writing surfaces in the past.


Little to no use of pesticides and fertilizers

The antimicrobial and anti fungal agents of bamboo help a lot in the persistent survival of these plants. These agents are referred to as “bamboo-kun”. This is able to protect bamboo from a wide range of insects and bacteria even without the use of pesticides. This greatly minimizes and even eliminates the need for harmful chemicals on the environment.


The growth rate of bamboo is already rapid even without the use of fertilizing agents. A lot of companies focusing on eco-friendly concepts put on the emphasis that no fertilizers are used in the growth of their bamboos. This is of course, highly dependent on each company; their methods of growing, how much and what type of fertilizers one use, and so forth. One cannot make a universal claim, but regardless of the usage, the fact that bamboo’s growth is rarely dependent on the use of fertilizers is a huge step up compared to many other plants used in constructions.


Bamboo grows in almost all parts of the world

Bamboo grows rapidly in diverse climates with the exception of Antarctica, bamboo grows in virtually all parts of the world. Therefore it isn’t difficult to get a locally sourced bamboo. Bamboo is native to tropical and warm temperate climates, but many species grow in a wide range of climates including cool mountainous regions. Bamboo is also extremely lightweight compared to many construction materials, and therefore the energy consumption when it comes to the transportation of the materials is more effective


Tailoring the Best Komodo Trip Excursion

Everyone must agrees that the fantastic Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia, has too much to offer for a single Komodo trip! Going famous due to its UNESCO-protected, famous Komodo Dragons, today Flores has bloomed beyond the creature’s fame. Flores is so vast with dozen of untouched islands scattered around the archipelago. Each crook and cranny are very inviting for some explorations, both on the savannah-carpeted islands or the underwater world. And if Flores is high on your bucket list, it might be the time to start arranging your very own Komodo trip.

Tailoring the Best Komodo Trip Excursion

Days of Excursion

With so much islands and gorgeous dive spots around Flores, even a whole week is not enough to explore everything. You need to be realistic. Set your travelling days as for the basic frame. Most travelers opt for 3D2N excursion, which is perfect to visit all the star attraction. If you are keen to see the less popular islands and do more dives, consider to take a 5D4N trips. However, some people are born with overflowing adventurous soul who wants to venture deeper than others do. If this is you, a full week trip will surely fulfil your thirst of adventure. Just remember, the longer your trip is, the pricier it will be.

Learn Overall Destination on Komodo Trip

We cannot stress enough that Komodo is packed with abundant beautiful islands. Beside the notorious Komodo Island, it has the beautiful Padar, the exotic Kalong Island, and other islands like Kelor, Angel, Kanawa, Sebayur, and else. It also boasts non-terrain destination such as Taka Makassar—the gigantic sandbed—Manta Point, and otherworldly diving sites. Popular diving spots are Batu Bolong, Castle rocks, Sebayur, to diving between islands. 

Give Enough Time Between Places

There are so much places you want and it’s easy to get overboard. Before you are going too enthusiastic and packed all the destination into the itinerary, let’s get realistic. Know how much you can chew. Remember that you are sailing the Komodo trip with a liveaboard and there are quite a distance between islands. Sometimes it need an hour to move form one island to another. Give enough time between places and calculate the time to spend in the destinations. Two hours of exploration will be enough. Don’t be too ambitious by pushing all destinations in one day or you won’t enjoy the trip to the fullest. Three to four destination a day is perfect to enjoy everything without getting rushed.

Where to See the Dragons

There are two places to see the dragons: Komodo Island and Rinca. Komodo Island is generally more deserted than Rinca, but the trek is easier—especially for kids. Rinca is more heavily forested with long and hilly treks, but you’ll get breathtaking sceneries beside the dragon hunting. You can visit both, but it’s recommended to just pick one and save the time for another island.

Book the Boat Operator

Lastly, you need to book a boat operator to take you here. Because there’s no way you can do the islands hopping without getting into a boat. They can also help you arranging the itinerary! The best operators know Flores just like the back of their hand and know how to give you the best experiences. Some even able to help you arranging a tailored Komodo trip itinerary which is in tune with your interest. It’s also the time to compare between operators and negotiate for a price. Unleash your skill bargain! 


Are you ready to embark on your first trip to beautiful Komodo?

Choose Your Favorite Beaches while Travelling in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most sought travel destinations in the world. It has changed a lot from a dessert to the most luxurious place on Earth. This is where you can find the largest mall in the world, the tallest building in the world, and many more wonderful things. People always relate Dubai to dry and hot atmosphere. Not to mention that dessert is the closest thing most people remember when it comes to this place. However, Dubai is also a place where everything now is available. Even if it is not, the people there will make it comes true. If you think you can only enjoy shopping and sight-seeing while travelling in Dubai, you need to think twice because Dubai is also home to beautiful beaches.

Wonderful beaches in Dubai you need to pay a visit

You can do many things in Dubai since there are many interesting places to visit. The beach is one of the must visit travel attractions when it comes to Dubai. Lots of foreign tourists enjoy their time in several beaches while they are in Dubai. Pick your most desire beach to put it in your bucket list!

  • Kite Beach is not only wonderful but also interesting because it is where you can see lots of kite-surfers surroundings. In this place, you can practically choose any type of watersports. You and your travel buddies can go kayaking, wakeboarding, and even paddle-boarding in this beach. The facilities at this beach are well equipped. Washroom, cafe, and food trucks are available to provide your needs while enjoying your time.
  • Black Palace Beach is also attractive beach located in Dubai specifically between Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah in Al Sufouh. This beach is more peaceful and serene compared to others. The facilities here are still scarce this is the best place to bask in salty air far from unnecessary crowds.
  • Sunset Beach is one of the most favorite beaches in Dubai. It is located between Umm Suqeim Park and Arabian Gulf. The beach is home to white sand and pristine water. This is also favorite place for families to enjoy their time. The best time to visit this place is when the sun is about to go down and that’s why it’s called sunset beach anyway. The facilities here are well equipped.
  • The Beach is what you call for a beach at JBR. This is a beach where most people enjoying their time for doing sports like jogging. You can also enjoy your time at open-air markets. This is the right place if you just want to enjoy your time leisurely by having delicious lunch or just strolling around the beach.
  • Al Mamzar Beach is a favorite place for families. There are swimming pool, gardens, as well as playgrounds. That is why this place is family-friendly. You can have a barbeque picnic while letting your kids to play around the area freely. Aside from family-oriented facilities, this place also has scenic view to enjoy all the time.

Bali Diving, A Must Do For Fantastic Experience

Bali diving is popular and very enjoyable especially when seeing rare species up close. Mola-mola, Manta Pari, Sea Horse are very popular. For photographer lovers, all three have a strong appeal to be captured from under the sea. Seahorse is an underwater species loved by divers. They have unique personalities.

Bali Diving

Bali Diving, Unlimited Underwater Exploration

Bali diving offers uniqueness and undersea elegance. The charm and appeal of Bali’s underwater world have been global. Diving communities spread in several areas. Starting from Amed, Tulamben, Nusa Penida, Sanur, Menjangan, to Gili.

While the painting industry has been a focal point for years. Bali diving follows becoming popular in the world. Diving enthusiasts are increasing every year. With the popularity of Bali diving spots, the dive center is increasingly showing its professionalism. List dive center is the target of novice or professional divers. Guides or instructors are increasingly professional in safeguarding the safety of divers.

Many other activities in Bali, ranging from surfing, tracking, camping, fishing, to climbing volcanoes. Many benefits and activities you can do in Bali. Bali is a haven for professional divers. Finding dive spots that have not been touched by many other divers is a challenge.

For beginner divers, it is recommended not to dive without a professional guide. Bali diving packages are increasingly lively with promotions and discounts. Especially during the low season, you can get lots of profits and allow lower package prices.

The mystery of a shipwreck in Bali is one of the main attractions for divers. When you explore it, they have become home to underwater species. Looking directly under the sea, you will know how life and how they survive. Bali is the right place and perfect for diving. Balinese people give tourists a friendly and peaceful attitude. This is part of Bali’s growth and uniqueness.

Why spend your own vacation in Bali? Bali diving is a place to find friends from various countries. You will join the dive group. Friendship and cohesiveness will make diving more memorable and unforgettable. Wrong choosing a dive center will make your vacation fail and become a nightmare. It’s not just a nightmare, but you will throw money without something unpleasant.

Plan your adventure in Bali correctly. The daily Bali diving schedule is ready to welcome and help you to explore the underwater indefinitely. There will be lots of sweet surprises for you in Bali, from sunset, sunrise, culinary to nightlife that makes your night more vibrant.

Tips to Save Money on Car Renting while Travelling

Renting a car is one of necessities for travelling. It is one of the most efficient for transport during travel because taking public transport seems to be a quite hassle. For those who have gotten used to rent a car while travelling must have already known tips and trick to lower the price. However, for those who are likely to be inexperience in renting a car must face trouble here and there. There are many types of mistakes travelers do in renting car. One of the most common mistakes is ignoring the needs of working with the pricing structure ahead of time. As the result, travelers spend much money just for renting a car.

Tips to Save Money on Car Renting while Travelling

How to save your money on car renting for travelling


For budget travelers, money does matter. Every cent spent for travel necessity should be efficient. Besides, there are many more interesting and useful things to spend money rather than spending it on car renting. You can save your money for visiting various tourist attractions or foods. So here are tips to save your money on renting a car for travelling:


  • Make sure to do some research ahead of time. You can check the available rates and see if you can get the best deal. Some car rental companies offer lower rate in weekdays and higher the price in weekend. Checking the best rental period is a great strategy to save your money.
  • Only buy insurance that you really need. Otherwise, you will only waste your money from unnecessary insurance you won’t even use. Choose the most suitable coverage that will make sure you really need and will be used later. Thus, you can avoid overpaying for car insurance.
  • It is highly recommended to avoid renting a car at the airport. The taxes are already high so the rental fee will be become a pain in your wallet. Of course it is more efficient to rent a car at the airport since you don’t have to go anywhere. However, you can search for another more efficient and advantageous alternative such as asking the staff at your hotel about local car rental offering cheaper price.
  • Before sealing the deal, make sure you get unlimited miles. It is not rare that some car rental companies offer daily allotment of mileage which cause you pay for unnecessary penalty from over going.
  • Decline unnecessary features or facility offered by car rental company. For example, most of them often offer GPS equipment which requires you to pay more for the rental fee. It is not essential to have your rental car equipped with GPS since you have smartphone which can function just fine.
  • Make sure you inspect the car you are going to rent before sealing the deal. Look for some scratch, dent or cracks. If there are minor problems, make sure you confirm the owner that they are already there before you use it. You can take some pictures as proofs just in case the owner charges you falsely when you return the car.


Boat Charter Komodo Tips for A Smooth Trip

If camping has glamping, then travelling with boat charter Komodo might have the Phinisi liveaboard. Travelers are now keen to choose sleeping on a luxurious Phinisi during their Labuan Bajo trip than staying on hotels. Some modern phinisi in Labuan Bajo are even equal to three to five starred hotel. However, mishaps can happen and Komodo boat is no an exception. To have the best boat around, here’s some little tips that can be useful to charter a Komodo Boat in Labuan Bajo.

Komodo boat charter

Book Through Trustable Company, Online

With websites, booking a boat charter Komodo today is as easy as booking a hotel, really. You can tell an established company who really put an effort into their service through their websites.Do they have clear images of their boats? Can you see facilities for each boats? It’s also best to pick up boat trip companies who put their prices upfront. That means they are honest and transparent with their prices and won’t try to fool you.

You can try to wing your way and go directly to the harbour to see the boats. But don’t expect too much. The best one are usually kept in owner’s private docks and only show up when it’s waiting for its passengers. However, you can try to bargain for cheaper prices in the harbour.

Some Boat Includes Diving Facilities—Check Yours

Liveaboard used to be exclusive for drivers before it begin to carter non-divers and land explorers. If you plan to dive in Komodo’s pristine water, check whether your boat includes diving facilities. Some have it, some are not. Always check diving gear availability before booking any boat charter Komodo.

Look What’s Included in the Price

Some Komodo liveaboard seems very expensive in the first glance—but that’s because they have include entrance fee to Komodo National Park on their price. Again, it’s best to check in with your boat operator. If they don’t cover the entrance fee, you better draw some cash in Bali/ Labuan Bajo before going onboard. Remember that there’s no ATM in Komodo Island.

The price usually includes three meals a day, a trip to and back to Labuan Bajo and all watersport facilities. In a more luxurious boat charter Komodo, however, the price might not include alcoholic beverages and additional services like onboard massage.

Best to Book A Brand New Boat Charter Komodo 

Have you ever heard stories from Labuan Bajo travelers? No, it’s not like ghost stories and the like. Rather, it’s about dock floor that’s always damp all the time, leaking air conditioner, mouldy mattress, clogged toilet, and everything that turns a heavenly journey to Komodo into a trip to hell. Always look for further information about your liveaboard. Lots of problem usually occur on super old and unmaintained liveaboard. We suggest you to look for the newest one—the facilities are usually still in good condition.

What’s so Good About Packing Cubes? Should You Use Them?

Absolutely, yes. Packing cubes are nothing short of revolutionary. Even people who admitted to being a messy person in general, simply fell in love in using packing cubes during their travels. Even if you don’t feel like “being organized” is a part of your identity, being organized is something that’s supposed to make your life easier.

Pro travelers are big on their enthusiasm about packing cubes. However, there’s no denying that some people, depending on their travels, might not need them at all. Before we rave on about what’s so amazing about packing cubes, let’s get the factor on why you might not need them so much.

Should you use packing cubes?

When you don’t need to bring a lot to begin with, packing cubes would just weigh your luggage with more stuff than necessary. This is especially apparent to those who only travel for the weekend, for example. You wont need as much belongings and therefore, eliminating the need for several cubes to categorize and compartmentalize your luggage. However, things like toiletries would still need a container to prevent unwanted things from happening such as spilling. Make sure to always have a waterproof cube or a small bag for toiletries whenever you travel.

Packing cubes are especially helpful if you’re always on the go

If you’re visiting several places in your trip, packing cubes are going to be a big help. Moving from places to places won’t require you to have a whole suitcase or backpack full of piles and piles of wrinkled clothes. Re-packing won’t have to be a chore once you have it all compartmentalized and ready to go. Business travelers are going to benefit a lot from organizations because of the overall ease it provides.

For those who want stress-free travel

Minimize your travel hassle by being more mindful of your stuff and categorizing them according to your needs. Having your belongings dumped into one place would make finding them more difficult and time consuming. Packing cubes give you access to all of the stuff you bring as it eliminates rummaging through.

Say goodbye to overpacking

Instead of just tossing whatever clothes you think you’d wear, categorizing your stuff into several categories/cubes made you more aware of what you bring. Chances are, if your clothes don’t fit into your packing cubes, then you’re already bringing too much. Factor in the length of your travel, and think in outfits, not individual clothes.

No more spilled toiletries

Without packing cubes or another type of organizer, you stuff are bound to be all over the place, especially with the transport you subject your luggage through. Also no more dust gathering on your stuff, especially if you’re bringing a suitcase.


You can put anything inside

Packing cubes are extremely versatile. These organizer miracles can be used to store clothes, cameras, as well as gadgets. You don’t have to use different types of organizers unless absolutely necessary. These packing cubes can do it all.